The Kids Will All Write Submission 2

Well I guess anyone who has not heard about my The Kids Will All Write Challenge by now must be living under a rock. But for you subterranean dwellers, it’s all about encouraging our children’s creativity by publishing their writing, artwork, and even music videos! (which I will then republish)

Blogger Phil Taylor and I have a lot in common. We’re both originally from New York, we’re both unbelievably hilarious, and we both have sons who play music. Here is an awesome mash up by Phil’s son’s band Nothing Personal. Please enjoy!

For more info on Nothing Personal check out Phil’s blog at

P.S. This weekend I posted two reblogs, both of which received a tepid response. This leads me to one of two conclusions:
1. No one reads reblogs
2. No one reads my reblogs
Because of this, all The Kids Will All Write Submissions will be published in their own posts and, I will probably never reblog again.

9 thoughts on “The Kids Will All Write Submission 2

  1. I think today with most people burning the candle at both ends – reblogs don’t psychologically seem as ‘new.’ Perhaps that’s it – as silly as it sounds. I read the reblogs that interest me as I would other blogs…often times they lead me to lovely new blogs (which is the point, I think, right?).
    Speaking of lovely blogs, you have one here. And might I add, I think it’s pretty fantastic how you’re incentivizing your young son…
    ps I’m originally form NJ and now live in Orange County, NY. 🙂

  2. I guess it depends on WHERE….WHEN….and…BY WHOM! Folks who follow my two blogs expect reblogs and do read them. Oftentimes it seems they get more attention than my poetry (!) but I use them to both reward responses to my poetry AND lure more bloggers to my site. It worked, didn’t it, with you? 🙂 Also depends some….on how many active blog followers your Stats. show.

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