The Kids Will All Write

Ever since I started blogging I’ve been driving my family crazy. I follow my husband around, iPhone in hand, reading him my poetry from the drafts in my email account. Often times this is when he is trying to get ready for work. Or in the shower. Or on the toilet. For some reason, unfathomable to me, he seems a bit annoyed by this.

My 11 year old son, on the other hand, is a much better sounding board. He listens attentively, and finds my poems just as hilarious as I do. Not only that, but he is genuinely concerned about the response my blogs get. And, if I follow your blog on a regular basis, chances are he’s read one or two of yours as well (age appropriate, of course).

But lest you think my son is some kind of goody two shoes who heads the Dean’s List and runs for school council, he is not. Although my son has above average intelligence, his grades often teeter on the wrong side of a B average, all due to a lack of passion and work ethic.

When I suggested my son do a guest blog for me, I thought it would be met with all the enthusiasm of reading a ‘Fun with Mathematics’ text book over the weekend. But I was wrong. Instead my son bombarded me with questions; what should he write? when should he write it? when would I publish it?

I am not much of one for participating in or suggesting challenges, or that a blog with my meager following will be able to sustain this, but if you have or know a kid who writes, and want to publish it, let me know about it, in comments or a link to any blog, and I will reblog it. Artwork is welcome too. This is about getting our kids writing and welcoming a new generation of bloggers.

I am publishing my sons guest blog, ‘Stupidity Is Infectious’, in conjunction with this one. I ask you all, shamelessly, to please come out and support it. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks.


In the meantime, please enjoy my daughter’s artwork (A.B. age 7)

22 thoughts on “The Kids Will All Write

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  2. That’s cool that your son takes an interest in your blog. None of my family give a shit…

    I also got a little excited thinking that he may have read a few of my stories. Until you mentioned the age appropriate factor!

  3. You are the coolest mom ever. Picasso daughter and Dave Barry son are obviously flourishing. Her abstract piece is so pleasingly and vividly balanced and I already read his post, chuckling ALL the way thru (fro-yo guy my fave!) and will now go back and comment.

    Ps. I just posted my daughter’s collage work on Facebook and I would love to have it reblogged. Friend me there… Stephanie Mark Lewis.

    This was a terrific idea.

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  8. Hah, I’m so glad their are other people driving their families crazy too. I feared I was overdoing it. I follow them when I’d like them to read something I’ve written, I shoo them away when I’m actually writing…I’m becoming a ‘blogpire’…which is scary because my incisors are slightly pointed.
    I give children’s art lessons and your daughter’s artwork is quite wonderful and expressive.
    Happy Monday 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and follow. I will have my som respond personally to the one on his page. So nice to meet a fellow native New Yorker and writer .

      • Your welcome. He doesn’t have to respond – I know it’s the end of year in the US school system…
        The New York I live in still has some cows and horses – I’m a country mouse
        nice meeting you as well 🙂

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