The Kids Will All Write Challenge Submission

The Kids Will All Write Challenge Submission

Sometimes you have to be brave and put an idea out there and see how it goes. Today, I proposed a challenge called The Kids Will All Write encouraging bloggers to submit writing and artwork created by children.

You probably have not been blogging for long if you have not seen a witty quote left by Little Miss Menopause, who writes a very funny blog over at Once Upon Your Prime…. She has provided me with this first submission, an original creation made by her daughter. I think it rocks!

A Sweet 16 Grows In Brooklyn

If you were a teenager living in Brooklyn in the year 1988, you probably heard wild stories of the Sweet 16 party my twin sister and I had that year. Hell, if you were a teenager living in Brooklyn in the year 1988, you probably went to the Sweet 16 party my twin sister and I had that year. It was a party of epic proportions, the stuff of myths and legends, and probably a few teenaged pregnancies.

But there was no My Super Sweet 16 for me; no pop stars and DJs, no prom dresses. Here’s how rocker chicks from Brooklyn get Sweet 16s done.

1.About 2 weeks out, start telling all your friends you’re having a huge party at your house and they can bring anyone they want.

2.Get a refrigerator full of beer.


3. Add some hot rocker chicks


Heh, heh! That was actually me and my sister. Don’t look too closely into our dilated pupils.

4. A little of this…


5. And a whole lotta this…


6. Some beer money for when the beer runs out…


…this money actually ended up getting stolen…

7. And, of course, a kitten


…because it is a great idea to bring a poor defenseless animal to a raucous party. But hey, we were 16 years old and I don’t think animal rights were invented yet.

I actually published these pictures, and many more from this party/era, on my Facebook page not too long ago. The photos came the closest to going viral as anything I have ever put on the internet. They also gave rise to the infamous rumors ‘Zack is Dead’, ‘Who Did Ira Make Out With That Night?’ and ‘Zack Is Alive and Well and Living In Brighton Beach’.

But the best thing about posting these pictures were some of the comments I received:

“That party is one of my first memories, literally. It’s like, my mother singing over the crib, seeing Pete’s Dragon at Radio City, and then this party…”

“All these are great blackmail shots…”

“you can tell we were real young…we’re drinking budwieser”

and, of course…

“Thanks for hanging on to these gems, Marissa!”

Awwwe…memories are awesome!

I’m A Bit Worried About the Grandchildren

I know this is a bit alarming, but it seems my daughter has informed me that I now have grandchildren, seven of them in fact. They’re lovely girls don’t you think?


Well actually, the truth is, I’m a little concerned about some of them. I think their color is a bit off. And frankly, they look like they could use a good meal.


And one of them even turned up at a sleep over party with no panties. (Actually, I’m not just being perverted, at $25 bucks a pop, you’d think they could at least come equipped with underwear.)


Barbie says she doesn’t like them at all, but I think maybe she is just jealous. The other day, I walked in to my daughter’s bedroom and saw…


Barbie said she was just being affectionate but I think she was trying to strangle poor Frankie Stein! (Maybe she doesn’t like Jewish people.)

Anyway, my grandchildren also have these adorable pets.


I know they look a little worse for the wear but I have to say these little buggers have really won my hearts. Of course Watzit is a bit of a problem on account that he constantly is rooting around in the garbage so we have to give him a cootie bath every night.


This is Count Fabulous. I know you won’t believe this, but Count Fabulous is actually a boy. Draculaura just can’t resist dressing him in ribbons and bows. Of course, this makes my husband a bit uncomfortable, especially when Count Fabulous declares that everything is fabulous, in a very flamboyant manner, but I say, whatever makes him happy.


Besides, I know it’s really not a grandmother’s place to butt in.

But I have to tell you…

I’m a bit worried about the grandchildren.