Stupid Punk Song (CheeseBergens’ Video Release)


Hello followers and friends! If you are reading this, you probably already know that I have passed on, which is precisely why I haven’t been around the blogosphere much to read your blogs lately. As I look into this batch of molten chocolate that will seal my fate, I contemplate the meaningless of life and all that comes with it.

This video is one of the few things I will leave behind to mark my legacy. If you like or comment, my soul may become light, giving me one last chance to ascend to heaven. Otherwise I am doomed to rot in hell for all eternity, but who am I to make your feel guilty?

23 thoughts on “Stupid Punk Song (CheeseBergens’ Video Release)

  1. I scheduled some posts for next week on Facebook and saw your post but couldn’t listen right away. Saw it now. Very cool and the video idea too! The CheeseBergens are rocking the scene!

  2. Way cool viseo! But I could not take my eyes off the rug in the background. How’d it keep changing? And also I love that couch too. Sorry I am in a decorating mode again, so this video was a win/win! Lol

    • Hello Stephanie! So good to hear from you after all this time! This may be kind of embarrassing but no idea what you mean… we were playing front of a curtain with a blue wall behind it and CheeseBergens poster over it and standing on a couch. In any case, glad you like the video and would always be happy to share decorating advice and honored you would even consider my opinion!

  3. I completely understand life (and often all things helllish) call us to new horizons. I’ve actually been busy publishing here and there off the blog. Wishing you great things, M. Always a place for you in my heart.

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