I’m At It Again

That’s right, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the proverbial blogging water, here I am with my hand out again. I’m trying to get votes for my son’s band. “What?” you say, “We already voted for your son’s band!” you say. Well this is yet another contest and I could bore you with the details but, it may just be better to say, cast a vote for Diabology here:


and then read the details if you’re truly interested.

By the way, you can vote as many times as you are able until the contest ends on Dec. 30, so anything you can do is greatly appreciated. Also, because there are so many voters, the site keeps crashing making it even more annoying. It’s usually busiest in the evenings.

In other news, since I have my hand out so often, I hear that there is a poem about me circulating around the internet. You guys don’t think it’s true, do you??

There’s once was a blogger Marissa
Whose poems were really a pisser
She had quite a noggin
But then she stopped bloggin’
And some said they really did miss her

Then one day her blog reappeared
But readers found it a bit weird
‘Twas only the labor
Of asking a favor
Of all of her put upon peers

So politely disguised as a comedy
And sometimes with a lame apology
Here’s another she’s wrote
To elicit a vote
For her son’s metal band Diabology

So be you not fooled by her ditties
Her words may be clever and witty
But she’s really quite sad
And perhaps a bit mad
But at least cast a vote out of pity.


77 thoughts on “I’m At It Again

  1. Haha! You are awesome, Marissa! As long as you are asking for our favor with so much creativity you will have all our votes… lol! Hope you are doing well and be sure that I did miss you!!

  2. Voted.
    Well, I’m a hopin’
    She continues her poetic words
    That are truly smokin’
    Be they nouns or be they verbs
    If she does
    There’ll be much to cheer
    And the buzz
    Will give us a great New Year.

  3. I got through and only had to leave my email address. You don’t have to be on Facebook, I think I got the verification notice, they sent to my email. Yay, go Diabology!! You rock!

  4. Whatever it takes to hear from you … and with a poem too!! 🙂

    … but it sure wasn’t easy to vote!! I see from the response to Robin that the site was down for 2 days. That explains a lot. I think my vote went through this morning though. It did say it was ‘successful’ 🙂

  5. 8 months since I last log in to my blog. I don’t know if I can still vote, It’s March 2018 now. Nevertheless, i miss your poetry. Looking forward to read more.

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