You Learn Something New Every Day

Every Monday I anxiously wait for the Daily Post to announce their Weekly Writing Challenge.  No matter what the challenge is, no matter my level of interest or inspiration, and, consequently, no matter how badly my blog sucks, I force myself to submit something no later than that Thursday.

This week I was absolutely flummoxed. I mean, it isn’t that I haven’t had some wonderful teaching and learning experiences, it’s just that I found none of them unique and fascinating enough to be worthy of 5 minutes of readership.

But if you can’t draw from the past, there’s always the present and the future, right? And you learn something new every day, RIGHT?? That means that I now had three days to experience new heights of educational wonderment that would absolutely blow your mind. But clearly that ain’t gonna happen, so here’s what I did learn:

  • According to the woman who lives across the street if you are the biological mother of a mixed race baby, be prepared to be asked if the baby was adopted on a semi-regular basis.
  • Vans sneakers is coming out with a Star Wars line available June 1st.
  • I can fit an entire pear in my mouth.
  • There’s an exoplanet that is made of ice that is on fire.
  • Of the 4 married couples living in our building, 3 were high school sweethearts
  • Lawn Mower racing is a motor sport that is popular in several states of the U.S.
  • In California rich people live in the hills, in El Salvador poor people do (which makes more sense to you?)
  • If you play a Black Sabbath play list on random you’re likely to hear some weird shit.
  • Some frogs are cannibalistic.
  • Young babies have the ability to drink and breathe at the same time. They lose this ability later in life.
  • If you give a person with dementia nasal spray, it temporarily clears their mind.
  • A real estate company called Movoto ranked the best and worst cities to live in in Indiana. Connersville came in at the very bottom of the list. This also happens to be my husband’s hometown.
  • In the 60s a bunch of hippies decided it would be cool and groovy to camp out on Bob Dylan’s lawn. In response, Dylan bought a gun.
  • There’s a lot of weird and semi-useless facts that you can learn every day if you just pay attention.