Carrying The Torch

While I decide what to do with the ashes of what has now become my blog, please enjoy some pieces from my new writing project. I’ve been covering local, independent rock artists for an online magazine called Geeks of Doom. You can read my first article here. In the meantime, I will be using this blog to feature The CheeseBergen’s music, more Geeks Of Doom pieces and any moments of poetic brilliancy that might come to me.



73 thoughts on “Carrying The Torch

  1. First of all, I love that photo! What’s happening to your blog? Are you deleting the content? I surely hope not. I do want to hear your music, and I’m excited to find that you’re covering local artists. Looks like life just got a whole lot busier!

    • No, I’m not deleting my blog. I just haven’t been able to come up with any poetry for a while but I’ve been writing for this magazine and also doing some work for a health and beauty column so it’s getting harder and harder to blog. Also, I feel like everything I think of, I’ve already done, poetry wise. For now, I’ll just post links to these articles plus whatever music my band is doing and if a poem comes along, that will go up too.

  2. Marissa, I am just so darn proud of you for taking that next huge step. I read your article and I thought it awesome! Keep on rocking and keep on writing. You are destined for greatness! In fact, you already are great in my eyes!

    • Thank you Amy! Well, music has always been my first love and luckily incorporates a lot of writing so I’m glad to be able to do both. Sadly, it’s been harder and harder for me to keep writing the poetry. I feel like every idea I think of has already been done in some form of another but I’m glad to be able to keep putting my writing skills to good use.

      • I only discovered I was linked to Twitter a few weeks ago…seems I am ‘followed’ and being ‘followed’ by people I have never heard of, in part or at all…still as a loyal follower…and chums should be loyal to the cause…it is the least I could do.

      • Well, thank you! I believe I follow you though not sure if on one or both sites as we know have one for CheeseBergens. I’m logged in to that one so often that if people write me on the personal one I end up answering on the band one.

  3. A rare Marissa sighting in my reader! If you were a pokemin, I’d probably earn lots of points and get up to enlightened level 😂.

    Congratulations on the writing gigs! I read the article- well written and such a perfect match for you to be writing about music! I think you’ve re-discovered fun! What an amazing twist that all these years later Mia is singing with the band. What do you write in the beauty column? I imagine scope for a lot of humour in it!

  4. I really noticed how this makes you happy inside and outwardly you look fantastic, Marissa! I absolutely will support you and root for your columns! You are amazing in so many ways, thanks for sticking with us as long as you did! 🙂 ❤

  5. I liked reading how Mia X became part of the newer group by learning from one of the members of the original group. So sad when a band member dies, Marissa. You handled this interview and review very well, as I said you are Amazing, woman! 🙂 Rock on and Enjoy!

  6. Wow, Marissa! That is right your alley: Rock music and writing. The article was brilliant. What a wonderful thing grew from such a tragedy. Hey, it is really cool that go with the flow! Yay!!!

  7. Loved the gig article. Congrats on both writing jobs too – that’s super news. Always great to do what you love, and what you’re good at! And I’m going to still keep fingers crossed for your poems. Even though you might feel like you’ve done stuff before, a Marissa poem can brighten up a morning commute every time….

    • Thanks BB! It’s not for lack of trying but every time I come up with something, I feel like it’s too close to something else I’ve done or won’t have the ironic twist at the end. Maybe I’m just too hard on myself!

  8. What a cool new gig for you! Those stage names cracked me up and the article was really well written. Of course, I’m also intrigued by the health and beauty column (shocking, I know).

  9. We always come to a point in our lives where change is the way to go. Following your heart will do wonders for your creative spark. Wish you well on your new path. ❤

  10. Warm congratulations Marissa! You are certainly moving in a different direction and any change, if it’s embraced with passion and joy, has to succeed. I read your article and applaud you for a well-written piece. I also viewed both videos and enjoyed, ‘Hell on wheels.’ I would have liked to have seen more of the band members in, ‘Sucker,’ – I spied the drummer briefly towards the end and only managed to catch a glimpse of one of the other guitarist.
    It’s great to hear you won’t be abandoning your blog (yay!) and I thank you most humbly for stopping by and reading my latest post, despite your busy schedule. I wish you the very best in your new venture – you go girl! 👍🏻✌🏻🎶🎸🎤 One final note : bet you’re itching to join in! 😃

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