The Muses Are At It Again

All my nine muses sat so sweet
A pretty row there at my feet
And to those dear girls I did say
“What should we write about today?”

Calliope said “To please aesthetics
Let’s make this no less than epic”
To which Clio said “Oh please
Those no one has the time to read
Though you would find me most euphoric
If we chose a theme historic”

Erato yawned said “Boring, boring
Who’s up for a little whoring
We know sex sells, so why bicker
I’ve a wetness in my knickers”

“All you think about is sex!
Let’s consult a religious text
I feel a need for veneration
Do your best to leave out Satan
For your mortal soul I’ll pray”
So Polyhymnia had her say

Then Melpomene said “Enough girls
With all the sadness in the world
Let’s write one so they’ll end up crying
I’m thinking say, some puppies dying”

“How could we write ’bout such things
I’d so much rather dance and sing”
“Oh Terpischore let’s make it plain
You dance just like Seinfeld’s Elaine

Oh doesn’t everybody see
We’ll likely go with comedy”
Said Thalia sporting a smug grin
Urania whined “You always win”

Thalia said “Your whining pains us
How ’bout some jokes about Uranus!”
“And some music?” Euterpe crooned
And Clio said “You’re out of tune!”

Then such a sight, I live and breath
As Euterpe pulled at Clio’s weave
The claws were out most horrifying
Fake nails, underwear went flying

Thalia made a ninja move
Then punched Erato in the boob
So from the room I made a sprint
As someone screamed “Oh no you didn’t!”

But don’t you know this awful fighting
Happens often when I’m writing
Every time there is a doubt
Of what I want to write about

So your reading experience might make more sense, here is a brief summary of The Muses:

Calliope – epic poetry

Clio- history
Erato – eroticism
Euterpe – music
Polyhymnia – religion, hymns
Melpomene – tragedy
Terpischore- dancing and singing
Thalia -comedy
Urania – astrology and astronomy
Thanks to Aquileana at La Audacia de Aqulies for the information and inspiration.

65 thoughts on “The Muses Are At It Again

  1. Erato and Thalia a little sexy innuendo mixed with humor, this would be my favorite choice of the muses combination. This would be quite “a-muse-ing,” Marissa! 😀 Have agreat weekend!

  2. Marissa, first of all: Fantastic!!! You are so creative. What a fantastic idea to make that choice problem the subject of your poem….and of course, excellent achieved. I see them fighting while you are leaving the room with rolling eyes, thinking: Thanks for the help! LOL!

  3. This was great. No wonder ‘writers block’ is so common- with all these conflicting personalities. I read the ‘so your reading experience…’ in the way i read your poem before realising it wasnt part of ot haha.

  4. Aw, the ladies. I thought I was the only that had to deal with their constant bickering. Oh, Thalia, that hurt. And go ‘way, Euterpe. I won’t play the tuba. Sorry, I have to go. No, no, no, I will not wear those high heels, Terpy.

  5. This is fabulous, Marissa! I’d love to share it on my little side-project blog (a poetry sharing site, Words for the Year) if that’s cool with you?

    I’ve been on a Muses kick lately, so I adored this 🙂

  6. Today I learned all about The Muses … only you made them come alive 😀

    My favourite was “Erato yawned said “Boring, boring … Who’s up for a little whoring”
    Never a dull moment with an Erato in the crowd 😉

  7. some people just never stop thinking about sex, luckily there are sex dolls available these days. Also, thanks for the info about the muses, I never did know anything of the sort before reading this!

  8. SQUEEE! I absolutely loved this! I was a huge mythology fan as a teenager and so this had me in stitches. And, I’m thinking the whole time – how did she keep all of these straight?
    Many thanks for the character reminder at the end.
    One of my all-time favorites, Marissa!!

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