Grim Reality

The next 2 year old pop star who
Can also sing and dance
People who look like their pets
Will try and find romance

A competition made to see
Who cleans the cleanest dishes
And nude celebs square off to see
Who’ll catch the biggest fishes

Or find a washed up band who’s members
Each in turn abhor
And see what happens when they’re sent
Out to do a world tour

Or witches vie to see who’s evil
Holds the strongest curse
Or lock two jerks up in a room
And see who kills who first

Or maybe a juice cleanse with some
Pubescent beauty queens
To see who’s first to fit into
A pair of size 2 jeans

So I look up expectantly at
The industry rep
Who says “These are all dumb some not
Politically correct

Others just plain violent as
I’m sure you would agree
And pushing boundaries found in most
Reality TV”

Then she shakes my hand, accepts
The price that I’m asking
And throws them on the intern’s desk
To get them off to casting


69 thoughts on “Grim Reality

  1. Sometimes I ponder why people even get paid for such TV ideas…. and I ask myself how much time they must have spent until they invented such reality shows…. Great poem, Marissa!

  2. Quick (no googling) who said “Reality. What a concept!” ??

    I love how your poems are hilarious, have surprise endings but they ALWAYS give me pause with their actual meaning. Way to make your point memorable!!!

  3. Hence the reason why I do not watch reality TV. Anything goes and at times is SO shocking, at least it is to me that is. Gross. People will do just about anything to sell something and to get on TV. Ahh ahh. I’m not about to waste my precious time watching that junk!! LOVED your poem, Marissa. You have a way of words that defies description. LOL ❤

  4. Fabulous and amusing as always, perfect meter and rhyme. Marissa, I can only get to your blog if I am lucky enough to find a comment from you…There’s no link from your gravatar…girl!

  5. I loved the juice cleansing show idea. I’ve made a variation on the first ‘the next to year old pop star who can also sing and dance, not missing a beat even when he poops his pants’ haha

  6. Brilliant poem Mama Rocker!

    As for this whole reality show thing, I don’t understand how it can be considered ‘reality’ when the people on the show KNOW they’re being filmed. As soon as a person knows they’re on camera, it ceases to be true reality.

  7. This is great and bizarrely recognizable as reality shows gone mad! I am not a big fan of reality shows but recognize the crazy antics and wonder why people feel this is entertainment? I like real talent, music, movies, poetry, art and literature, sometimes sports. I am a big fan of detective shows and I like to solve the crimes! Smiles, Robin

      • I liked your poem and all its dimensions displayed. So hilarious and I laughed out loud at it! 😀 They do seem to keep getting wilder and choosing stranger situations. There is one that innocent people are going to be in prison for 60 days! They have “safe words” to get them out, while filmed inside prison. I am not sure I will watch even one episode, but like you said, you get curious. . .

      • I cannot see what this is in relation to, because it doesn’t show my comment unless I click into the post again . But I’ll just say Vegos are easily offended in general, I think it has something to do with something of most probably anything to do with any belief system

  8. I have never been a fan of reality TV, Marissa. Since the rise of these shows, I have pretty much stopped watching it altogether. You’d think I would get more stuff done in that case, but not necessarily. Great work!

  9. Reality TV makes me sick. I can’t believe people can watch and enjoy the suffering of others (and what’s worse, to expose yourself and let everyone watch it)… how sad! 🙂

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