Sample Letter of Resignation

Dear Boss, I’m herby turning in
My note of resignation
It’s been great but I’m overwhelmed
By other obligations

And wearing proper clothes just really
Isn’t quite my style
And I haven’t seen an episode
Of Oprah in a while

I’m strengthening old relationships
And getting reconnected
Like yesterday my couch told me
It felt a bit neglected

There’s been highlights of my career
I’m sad to leave this place
Like when you tripped in the brake room and
You fell flat on your face

Or when Jan from accounting came in
Looking all composed
She didn’t know her skirt was tucked
Into her panty hose

Guess you’ll need time to find someone
Right to fill my position
I’d love to say I’ll stick around
To make a smooth transition

But I must binge watch Game of Thrones
And catch up on my napping
So let’s be real we both know that
That just ain’t gonna happen

A fond farewell I bid, guess that about
Does it here for me
(As I hover on the Smith files and
Hit the delete key)


95 thoughts on “Sample Letter of Resignation

    • Well, it’s funny you say that because you know how bored at work I am. Unfortunately, I work in a warehouse and can not see the outside at all from my office. The funny thing though, is that I’m in an enclosed office within the warehouse that actually has a window but the view from the window is just the rest of the warehouse.

      Anyway, this poem isn’t so autobiographical. My job’s not bad, just boring…

      • Ha…. that way you get a lot of inspiration, I guess, when you watch the people out there. Yes, I said that because I know that you are bored at times and that your thoughts might drift away like you wrote… haha!

  1. I was with a chum one lunchtime some years back and ahead of us in the High Street was indeed a gal as you described, ‘She didnโ€™t know her skirt was tucked into her panty hose’ – replace panty hose with skimpy knickers. We debated if we should tell her then thought better of it gentlemen that we were!

  2. This is a very creative method for turning in your resignation! I think we should all strive to be more unique in the ways we quit our jobs – think of all the various methods that could be used! Singing, rapping, interpretive dance, carrier pigeon, the list goes on.

    • I remember one when I was about 17, calling my job from a pay phone in the city to tell them I wouldn’t be coming in anymore. I didn’t bother explaining, and I didn’t officially work for quite some time after that.

  3. This was really hilarious, Marissa. How on earth you figure out the rhythm and cadence plus figure out how to rhyme words like “napping” and “happen?!”
    So fully appropriate for my warehouse friends and me. We feel we are doing our bosses a “favor” by just showing up to work. One of my younger friends, Marshall has a coffee mug in one hand and tucked under his arm, a newspaper at our morning exercise meeting. Purpose to get all limbered up before we work 10 hours, as if ten minutes of exercise will prevent carpal tunnel.

  4. Timely and wickedly wonderful as usual! I am SO tempted to cut, paste, and send…but, alas…I have a flower habit to support.
    Are you a Game of Thrones watcher?!?!? As if I could adore any more than I already do ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, money is the thing, isn’t it? Oh well, it may just be worth it!

      I actually do not watch Game of Thrones. I am sadly out of touch on movies and television shows. My children dictate my TV watching so…

  5. *g8ggles* Can you image IF a letter like this was ever given to a boss? OMGOSH! I giggled all the way through this one, Marissa. Please do get reacquainted with that couch. I highly recommend it while watching movies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Vaguely deciding this should be my actual resignation letter. I wasn’t planning to resign, but since you put it so eloquently…

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