61 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. Haha…. yours too? LOL!!! My daughter was also funny in another way. She was 3 when we moved to Buffalo into our townhouse. She ran upstairs and saw that big closet in our bedroom. Once she called me and said: “Mom, I ma hiding in the closet and you need to find me!”

  2. a little boy I know discovered Harry Potter and now goes around wrapped in a cloak and screams in anger if you acknowledge his presence. “I’m wearing my invisibility cloak! You can’t see me!”

  3. Yay! 2 in a row! I love this so much. I also love how little kids think sunglasses make them invisible. I try to make mine, make me invisible all of the time. It’s not working for me so far, so I just keep buying bigger frames.

  4. Cute……My daughter used to turn her back to me and sit when she was kid and used to believe that she was hidden from view when we played hide and seek. You reminded me of those days ..Thank you dear

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