The Post Birthday World

My birthday was early this week
And I did sit engrossed
With all the love and friendship that
Came via Facebook post

And to all those who wished me well
I’d really like to say
How wonderful you made me feel
Upon my special day

But then reality set in
And with it came depression
And time for me to now fixate
Upon my new obsession

For though I should be thankful for
The nice wishes I got
I can not help but think of who
Conveniently forgot

And with a cut so sweet and quick
They’ll never see it comin’
Hell hath no fury quite like that
Of the delete button.


75 thoughts on “The Post Birthday World

  1. I’ve been averse to FB since day one. Felt like a whore setting up a WP blog and Twitter and Instagram. I’m just glad that it’s not as bad as I thought. It’s just a matter of filtering as you so delicately put it.

    • I’ve been averse to FB since day one as well so I guess it makes me hypocritical that I eventually broke down and got an account. Sometimes it’s fun to catch up with old friends but that’s about the only positive aspect. Definitely all about the filtering.

    • No, not in the least and that’s part of why I wrote the poem. I know plenty of people that stress over a lack of likes and many who actively ‘slim down’ their FB friends after their birthdays.

  2. I find I have to unfollow people on FB too. I’m actually amazed people have the time to put all that stuff on there. I enjoyed FB early on but it has since wore thin. Yep you may have to go with that delete button!

    • I used to delete a lot of my friends but now unfollow a lot instead since it’s not as insulting or permanent. I don’t have many friends but still manage to end up with a lot of crap on my wall so if there are people out there who can’t be bothered to put a like on my pics once in a while, or wish me a happy birthday, why should I put an effort in? As I’m writing this, it occurs to me how childish I may sound but I guess that’s FB for you!

  3. Happy Birthday, Marissa – a few days after. I hope good fortune has settled in like a hound on a ham bone and your muse is quite bemused with delight.

  4. Well, I guess I missed the b-day post too, Marissa, but you know you’re wished a happy day from me everyday anyway! Loved this verse of course, I do believe you’re getting better as you get older….. 🙂

  5. Oh, you know this is not too far from what I have been considering with my “once a month” blogging visitors on wordpress. They post lots of times a week, fill up my Reader and I push “like”and say a few words.
    Really helps me feel Iike weeding out my fair weather friends, too. Wicked witch laughter (insert) here. Aw- hah hah ha!

  6. Wow, you have a twin! That must be great…But a fellow Virgo husband might be hard. Well, as I am also a Virgo (who should have recalled yr. birthday because it is the same as Amy Winehouse, lol, which I know we once chatted about) let me wish you a very happy year now.

  7. I’m just coming off of a week-long Facebook vacation. It’s everything the brochure said it was and more. The food was great, and the company even greater.
    Then, I signed in yesterday and binged on cat videos.

  8. Very nice Marissa! I have only 13 friends on my fake Facebook. I never like anything and I just discovered you can turn off the newsfeed. I’m in paradise 😀

  9. If I was your facebook friend, I’d have wished you a happy birthday! I once joined facebook- after years of resisting it was when my mother’s group set up a facebook group and I didn’t want to be left out! I deleted my account after a couple of hours haha. Btw, I am picking a few poems of your to read based on catchy titles and or pictures 🙂

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