Oh Caterpillar, We Hardly Knew Ye

Oh hookah smoking caterpillar
We scarce knew ye at all
After all you were but just
A mere 3 inches tall

Poor Alice was annoyed with you
But maybe you were joking
Who knows what’s in that head of yours
Or in the pipe your smoking

But in the end I guess it seems
You turned out pretty nice
For it seems you gave dear Alice
Some pretty sage advice

Although I fear there’s some critics
Who sing a different tune
And question those who’d tell a child
To ingest mushrooms

But let’s not be judgmental now
About your little gaffe
And wonder if Old Father William
Did get the last laugh

For though some will be certain to
A butterfly you grew
The sad truth is you’d end as guts
‘Neath some poor bastard’s shoe.

Written from a prompt to write an obituary for a fictional character.

67 thoughts on “Oh Caterpillar, We Hardly Knew Ye

  1. Somehow I’ve managed to make it this far in life without ever seeing Alice in Wonderland. A hookah smoking caterpillar is really out there 😉
    How touching that you gave such a thoughtful ode to his life … although the squashed part is rather brutal 😉

  2. Oh No!!! You killed off the caterpillar? How could you? Boo hoo …. And here I have been really trying to smile today! Nope! I will not believe Mr. Caterpillar is dead. In my mind he is flying high and free. As is Alice. LOL ❤

  3. I can’t even work up some feels for this demise….I could never watch this particular movie. Still have no desire to…. So I’m kind of sad I can’t feel bad. But, I suppose feeling sad about not feeling bad is a sad we can substitute since I don’t feel bad. About not being sad.

    • Surprisingly enough, you are not the only person who has said that they never saw this movie (and I’m assuming you never read the book either.) Well, I guess it’s kind of good because I am getting some negativity off the whole killing of the caterpillar thing. So, anyway, if you do ever happen to decide you want to see it, don’t start with the Tim Burton version. It was awful and not even Johnny Depp could save it.

  4. Oh, Marissa, the last two lines had me holding my stomach (laughter, not 911). I can’t believe how many people aren’t familiar with Alice in Wonderland (I read all the comments). I just assumed it was a childhood right of passage. 100% agree about not starting with the Burton version. In my mind, Tim Burton is a genius at what he does, but his remake missed the mark.

  5. A great “Ode to a Caterpillar.” Too bad he got squashed. But what fun would his being transformed instead be, Marissa?
    In light of his frequent usage of a Hookah, he could have easily “overdosed.” 🙂
    I am one who owns a copy of “Alice in Wonderland” which has really elaborate pen and ink illustrations. I loved this book for its use of imagination, Marissa.

  6. Ha! (btw, 3 stanza, 3rd line.. what about maybe changing the first part to the words ‘after all’. The double use of the word seems is just bothering me.. and because I’m a man, therefore always right, it just seems as if you would need to change it.)

    The snark was a joke.. seriously.. don’t kill me. 🙂

  7. Oh my…..a grisly end for our little friend. But am thinking you’ve now hit on a new business venture for yourself….millions of overlooked characters in books out there….you could do the obits for them all! A whole new twist on things….

  8. Don’t think about the poor, wretched caterpillar then young Marissa. Seriously he so much more important than, ‘some poor bastards sole’! By the way in France we had a pet blowfly called Frank…probably the lost intelligent fly I’ve ever met. He even made a little house for himself under the toaster; would stop by and stare for a while rather than leap onto my salad; have a little rest in the sink and chase all the others of his kind out of the house!

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