The Bar Mitzvah Song (With Music Video)

With added music video! Check it out!

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

Little Abel Rochenschwarz
Is all dressed in his suit
His yamika is on his head
They say he’s looking cute
He memorized his ayliyah
Who knows how long it took
His mother beams at him and says
“You had me at baruch”
But we all know it’s gonna be a hitsvah
I hope you have a great Bar Mitzvah

And then into the hall comes all
Of his Bar Mitzvah guests
As if competing for who’s who
Of whose nose job is best
Little Stacey Mandlebaum
Has drained her glass again
It seems that she has got a taste
For the kosher champagne
She’s on the dance floor shaking like a shiksah
I hope you have a good bar Mitzvah

There’s Manichewitz flowing like it
Is the holy manna
The dance floors packed the deejay busts out
With Copa Cabana

Then Mr. Smith is asked if he
Would like to…

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19 thoughts on “The Bar Mitzvah Song (With Music Video)

  1. Marissa, I left a detailed comment on the other post! 🙂
    I wrote about your vocal tone, the guitar “riff” in the middle and even a famous person reference to who may add this to a movie. . . Loved it all and it gets Five Stars, ***** beyond any other clever song I have heard in years! 🙂
    I think you sound like Alan is Morrisette and a little Amy Winehouse, crazy good!

  2. Marissa!!!! Wooooooooohoooooo! That is a very catchy melody and I was singing the chorus together with after a while. Just imagine when you record it. I already hear the background singers for the chorus. Very good! Cannot wait for a post when you performed it live with The Cheesebergens! Btw. I admire everyone who is able to sing and play an instrument at the same time.

    • Thank you! Yes, I struggled a bit since I am not really a guitar player but after doing so many takes my son was starting to get bored so I just posted it! The Cheesebergens won’t do this song. It’s not heavy enough for them. As a matter of fact I put a post of FB last night joking about how it was going to be for my solo project. Ha, ha!

      • Haha… I saw it from your special smiling look at the camera. Now I know it was like “sorry, but perhaps we need to do it again.” So cute! I am glad you shared it with us. It was so awesome to see your excitement and joy about it! YAY for Marissa!!!

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