Photobombing The Prom

Knocks on your door at 6PM
I’m waiting in the wings
You look into his eyes and take
The corsage that he brings

You mother waits to take a picture
Of you and your dude
And then he clumsily proceeds
To stab you in the boob

And just as she has got it framed
Ready to take the shot
I pop out from the branches and
I give it all I’ve got

Some bunny ears a stuck out tongue
The uglier the better
Is all it ever takes for me
To ruin your forever

Now here we are the lights are low
I’m counting down the minutes
Until they play the opening chords
Of Green Day’s Good Riddance

The principal is snapping pics
But eventually
He’ll find not one is usable
Since they all feature me

He’ll probably be offended that
I’ve turned them into smut
Cause that was not your girlfriend’s hand
That was pinching your butt

Now things are hot and heavy as
The evenings winding down
They pile into limousines all
Afterparty bound

And it will be on Facebook just
Who couldn’t hold their liquor
And they’ll be wond’ring how I got
To show up in each picture

They’ll struggle to remember their
Hungover memories
But I’m sure to go down in the
Annals of history

As each teacher, student, daughter
Father aunt or mom
All will comment on the girl
Who photobombed the prom

A picture’s worth a thousand words
And mentally embedding
But if I slip your mind then I’ll
Just see you at your wedding



55 thoughts on “Photobombing The Prom

  1. Haha!!! So funny! Me and my sister did the opposite once (without knowing from each other). We told our mom and my other sister that we all look silly when taking a selfie… when we looked at the photo, we saw that my one sister and I looked absolutely nice while the others looked crazy!

  2. Every prom and graduation… Get ready for overload of Good Riddance! I’m sure Billy Joe Armstrong is still baffled at its misinterpretation. My kids love photo bombing… drives me nuts! Too many bunny ears in my pics these days.

  3. So you know my brother?! My younger and only brother. Now we need one on the family member who never smiles for any photo. He looks like somebody killed his dog in front of him.

  4. Love that last line. One of our mates photobombed several of our wedding pics. Mostly with his pants down. Luckily, he’s got a great bum….

  5. I know I’m late! I’ve been sick-man-flu sick, but I’ve missed reading your blog the most. I was really hoping for a Marissa prom pic, though…

  6. Hilarious way to take an “overdone” ritual can become chaotic, Marissa. The prom used to be in June, now May seems so full of everything! I enjoyed the way the principal is pranked and the way bunny ears and other inappropriate moves are ruining all of the prom pics. πŸ˜€

    • yes, pretty funny! Well they seem to be moving the school year up every year. It’s nice for the kids to be out so early but kind of weird when they have to go back in the middle of August.

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