A Halloween Lullaby

Hark children, what do you hear?
A door that doth creak swinging,
Surely it is just the wind,
Causing it’s eerie singing.
See children, what do you see?
A witch with an evil eye,
Oh, that’s just the neighbor woman,
Whose day didn’t go quite right,
Think children, what do you think?
Peacefully outdoors playing,
For all of these wicked thoughts,
Are in your imagination.

The sun is out, the sky is blue,
Surely nothing can happen to you,
Everything will be alright,
With mommy and daddy standing by.
All this is just a fantasy,
A vision of what could never be,
But merely lives inside your head,
Or is lurking underneath your bed.


34 thoughts on “A Halloween Lullaby

      • The two youngsters – i.e. my grandsons – are the perfect age to be properly scared. Plainly I shall threat this as a scientific experiment thus proving the power of your poetic ability to frighten small children. If it works the world will be your oyster.

  1. I can’t imagine what a house haunted by a hollywood porn star might be like, but I’m very sure it would make for excellent blog fodder!

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