Darker My Love

Come and take my boney hands,
And we’ll explore the night,
We’ll hover over graveyards dark,
Guided with hollow sight.

I no longer see the beauty,
That withered from your bones,
The soft curved flesh that life gave you,
Gone in this great unknown.

When once we lay on satin sheets,
When life was sweet and good,
But now we sleep in beds of dirt,
With worms and rotted wood.

And no more is your body warm,
Nor can I feel your breath,
Your spirit is all that remains,
We did not part at death.

But perhaps that is all I need,
As you float on with me,
As one we haunt these hallowed grounds,
For sweet eternity.


36 thoughts on “Darker My Love

  1. Hey now… I believe I said until death do us part. I was under the impression that that meant we’d be free to see others in the afterlife! Just kidding. You’ll always be my best ghoul. Love this one BTW!

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