Jonathan Caswell is a great blogger and reblogger. Thanks to his reblogs, I have met so many bloggers, and gained a few followers as well. Out of eternal gratitude I am giving back with this one, which I like to think was somewhat inspired by me!

By the Mighty Mumford


The Rock D.J. needed a break,

For her, a piece of cake…


Which runs a long time

But she still has to stay awake!

Pioneers of the synthesizer,

Edgar Winter was a surprizer…

Strapped on the thing

Like a guitar to swing,

And the rest of the world was wiser.

In nineteen seventy-two,

“FRANKENSTEIN” punched its way through…

Music pioneering

We’re glad for hearing,

And helps out the D.J., too!

–Jonathan Caswell

** Check out:

for a stage performance!

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  1. AH….THE MIGHTY MUMFORD…which isn’t as “mighty” as the blog….is but a river…that starts in the cedar swamps of Central Massachusetts/Northern Rhode Island, in the U.S….!

  2. It relates back to an unofficial school anthem my Dad told me about—he grew up in Douglas, MA: “Hail, hail Douglas, where the mighty Mumford flows…You know that you are near it if you have to hold your nose!!!” This was while the woolen mills were still running and they used the Mumford River like an open industrial sewer! Not cleaned up and most of the mills have been put to other uses…like today. 🙂

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