Those Who Can’t Find, Seek

I’ve been a yogi, volunteered to be,
A true humanitarian,
I’ve worshipped at alters, and my faith never faltered,
As a vegan or vegetarian.

I’ve been a punk, and I’ve been monk,
Then a Jew who thought it a mitzvah,
Put the Christ in Christmas, then Jehovah’s Witness,
And even a Hare Krishna.

I hopped on a plane, and traveled to Spain,
And then to Italy,
But all of my travels, had me quite unraveled,
For clearly what I sought was me.

So into the desert, I walked to avert,
My sheer desperation,
Hoping the sand and the sun, would make me feel as one,
A step closer to self actualization.

And as I walked on, I saw a vagabond,
And though he appeared a bit tragic,
Somehow I did know, deep down in my soul,
That he was somewhat magic.

That it seemed he, would bestow upon me,
A gift of time and man,
And so I’d see, he’d unlock the key,
To who I really am.

And so in speech, I did beseech,
“I believe sir you are great,
And will bestow eternally, wisdom upon me,
Tell me, what’s my fate?”

“I’ve traveled far and near, just to hear,
The wisdom of a man,
On my journey, of eternity
To tell me who I am.”

His eyes searched mine, and I did find
Him make a true assessment,
As to what he found, as he looked around,
Of life and what it all meant.

And as he looked, on tenterhooks,
I awaited what he might say,
And lo and behold, he said “You’re an asshole,”
And then he walked away.


9 thoughts on “Those Who Can’t Find, Seek

  1. !!! I adore it!! So Carlos Castaneda–with real world twist. And at the core of it, aren’t we all.

    I dig poems that take you from A to B or out of alphabet entirely, but somewhere.

    Hope your week is great, and go ahead and start it onna Tuesday. 😉

  2. It can be construed as rude, or perhaps the truth. It depend on what you heard when he spoke. I’d be curious to know. 🙂

    (This was great! I was expecting more of a let down from the stranger than possible insight!) 🙂

  3. Oops, was going to say, “aren’t we all, deep down,” but I see a commenter above beat me to it. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a clearer meaning to life. I just found a bench one of my neighbors was throwing in the trash and put it on our front porch. Now we have a place sit. This comment is completely random, as I guess, is life.

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