The Where Hair Cut

I thought I’d get a haircut
Just like a fresh new start
Start out the spring with a bold look
That’s really clean and smart

Get rid of all the dead ends
Give life to what just hangs
With choppy sexy layers while
I’m growing out the bangs

She worked on me with scissors
A half hour or more
And when I left a whole wig’s worth
Did cover up the floor

I felt so light I felt so free
Which would be quite a bonus
If there was just one soul around
Who actually noticed


84 thoughts on “The Where Hair Cut

  1. Haha! But I know you too well–it’s still long and curly and you’re still able to pass for (a young) Fran Drescher or Amy Winehouse. Right??

    Now where’s the poem on women’s underwear? Or are you getting “too big for your britches” to take written requests now? 😉

    • Oh yeah Stephanie. You know, I’m growing out the bangs and adding some layers but I think it’s the curse of the curly hair. Ultimately it does whatever it wants.
      I’ve been working on the underwear on since yesterday. I’m trying to make it work but if not, I have a really great one about cheese…

  2. Yes indeed…I’ve been there…takes the pressure off, ha ha. Only the Rock Guy knows when I take off more than an inch and gets a little snippy. I tell him if he doesn’t behave that he can’t “brush my rock n roll hair” 😉

  3. I am laughing because I have thin hair and thought layers and long “bangs” would improve my hair. Maybe make it look thicker. Only one friend even noticed!! 🙂 Marissa, I envy ♡ the body and waves in your hair!

    • Oh thank you! I would think that would call for a radical change as well!! It just seems that curly hair has a mind of it’s own as well and no matter what I do, it will curl as it will!

  4. LOL I couldn’t help but laugh because I seem to be in the same boat. I have curly hair and IF I don’t style it, my hair is just going to do what it wants to, no matter how much fuss it has gotten with the scissors. Thank goodness for flat irons, and hair brushes and hair blowers!

    • Well, obviously, I know what you mean. I wonder if people don’t notice or they just don’t bother to comment but my mother swears she still can’t tell my hair was cut and she had been bugging me to cut it for weeks.

  5. One of my last haircuts was awful. However, I did not have time to go back. When I finally returned about a month later, my stylist brought up the subject that he felt he had cut my hair in a way that would not work for me. He was right. We laughed and he gave me a much better cut. I am a low maintenance girl…not a lot of fussing with my hair.

  6. I’m so detail oriented (OCD…ish) that I notice when she parts her hair three strands to the left. However, the same is not true in reciprocation. I could shave my beard off and she wouldn’t notice until she tried to kiss me.

    • It’s usually the opposite. I think women tend to be more detail oriented although I do sometimes not notice when my husband shaves. I think it’s because he’s always shaving it off, growing it back in, shaving it off, growing it back in…I forget what the look du jour is!

      • Yeah. But we men want to be noticed too. /sniff I mean, all that shaving we do, just for you. /sniff It’s hard. You just don’t know… /sniff I mean, make us feel special too. /sniff /sniff (sniff could be sniffling or me taking another hit off of whatever it is that I may (or may not) be taking in order to maintain this delusion).

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