No one can be sure what went down
With Betty on that day
Did the change on Facebook make her
Fall as easy prey

Did she not pay attention to
The update rather sudden
So mindlessly went down her wall
A-clicking her like button

So what she’d end up doing some
Would think it rather bad
She liked that Annie had no friends
She rather should click sad

And then that post of Donald Trump
Well don’t ask me but frankly
She pressed her like button again
You’d think she would click angry!

And that post ’bout the guinea pig
Who was hit by the car
You think it was an accident
That she clicked on ha, ha?

Then she was angry little Tommy
Learned to ride a bike
Cousin Sheryl lost her eyeliner
And Betty clicked on like!

And sad when in the piles of snow
Eddie found a daisy
And laughed at Martin’s rotten fruit
I fear she’s going crazy!!

And soon there’s people piling up
That Betty did offend
And with no choice they found that button
And hit on unfriend

And no one even chanced to think
That she had made a blooper
But banned her off of Facebook and
They took ‘way her computer

And now we’ll see if Betty is
Still having any fun
As she rocks on her front porch
A-holding her shotgun.


83 thoughts on “Emoticonfrontation

  1. Sometimes it is really difficult when you want to show appreciation for someone but not because you agree with the content. Same over here when people share sad things. Sometimes it is better do comment without a like.

  2. Oh, this is pretty exciting, Marissa! It is like the “Young and the Restless” soap opera! You are so right about how people get all riled up over stupid things! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Great one! I tell you, such a brave new world with all this electronic detachment. So much gets lost in translation. I’m not on Facebook, never was, but I’ve heard of this happening. This is why you should really know the person you friend. If I hit “like” for anything pro-Trump, all my real friends would know I’ve either been hacked, possessed by an alien, or went on a gluten free diet, and would contact me asap.

    • You’re lucky you’re not on FB. I am and tried to keep my contacts limited but now that I’m trying to promote my band, I need to network. It gets very tricky….and these emoticons are not helping!

  4. Thank God!! I’m not the only one overwhelmed by all these new choices of emoticons!! I hope my friends will be kinder to me than poor Betty’s friends!!
    Memo to self – avoid the emoticons!!

  5. So funny! Still laughing about the ending. The new emoticons do allow more of a choice, but I’m afraid if I click angry that I might be out there like Betty on my deck . Ha ha!

  6. I wasn’t aware of any of this. I’m familiar with the conundrum of the like button, and I’ve always felt so skeevy about hitting ‘like’ when the person just posted their dog is dying. I think old Mark can throw some of those billions towards making likes and comments more human.

    • Phil! I don’t know if that would have been appropriate…I mean after all Betty has been through, don’t you think you might have put an angry…or at least a sad?? I’m not sure if we can be friends anymore.

  7. Haha, you captured the chaos perfectly ! Facebook was doing just fine before this update…now this new update adds more to stress… for example along with the “likes” on you your post, now you have to worry about people’s reaction too ! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Facebook ….. I am not a fan. I did not update to the new look. I unfriended many just yesterday because I am so tired of all the emails I get in my inbox. I’m so done with the stupidity of it all, the ugly posts, the regurgitated posts, the “let’s show everyone my LIFE on FB!” posts, and the total waste of TIME that people spend on a computer just to post and post and post and post. I only have a FB account because it is linked to my published posts and that is the only reason I have one. Did you know you cannot even delete your account if you want to? You can disable it, but you cannot delete it. That concerns me as it should a lot of other people. Same with Instagram. You cannot delete your account. This social media has gotten way out of control. Grrrrrrrrr …… Now you know how I feel about Facebook.

    • Wow, pretty strong coming from you Amy! I try to unfollow people rather than unfriend but I do that rather frequently. Bad enough there are posts on my page from people I don’t even know, much less even like!! Ha, ha!

      • Um, me and Facebook are not friends. My family drives me bonkers! I actually put them on the acquaintance list instead of close friends so that at least I won’t get their endless posts. I pay little attention what is going on over there. I feel so FREE not to have hundreds of emails in my inbox and my phone being drained due to all the notifications. Ahhhh …. Yep, I do have strong feelings on some subjects. This is one of them. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Guess what? I’m human after all. Tee hee …

      • Oh wow! I didn’t even know there were friend vs. acquaintance lists. Fortunately, I don’t get as bombarded as you do by notifications but it is difficult for me to get through my wall posts!

  9. I think they added those freaking emoticons to put even more pressure on people. Before everyone hit like without reading. Now they better read and hit the right button… F#$K FB! ๐Ÿ™‚

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