The Blind Date From Hell

He said he resembled Brad Pitt somewhat
More like Nick Nolte in his mug shot.

And I wonder if that’s his real hair or his real teeth,
Or if he really likes listening to music and long walks on the beach.

He says his Rolls Royce is in the shop, and it’s just bad luck,
That we have to drive around in this Chevy pick up.

He said he was 34, looks more like 43
And if he’s rolling in the cash, why are we at Applebee’s?

And now he’s standing at the door, attempting a seductive grin
I suppose he’s hoping he’ll be invited in.

A door slammed in his face may be all that he deserves
But I think instead, “What the hell, I’ve done worse.”


Napowrimo Entry #6

14 thoughts on “The Blind Date From Hell

    • Don’t worry about it Phil! You are so supportive and I will be blogging a lot until the end of the month. Hardly expect you to get to them all. Most of my poems are based on things that have happened to me or people I know. You know that Chinese curse? May you live through interesting times.

  1. Ah, the blind date. Rich with agony, despair, awkwardness, and painful embarrassment. Trying so hard to be cool and acceptable. Hellish for sure. Much preferred the “glorified booty call” approach to dating you discussed earlier. Everyone was much happier and more relaxed.

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