The Plights of The Maverick

I thought that I’d be different
I thought that I’d be cool
I hated my plain old brown hair
I thought I’d dye it blue

Then Jenna dyed her hair blue
So’d Laurie and Christine
So I thought I would stand out
And I dyed my hair green

Then Norman came in one day
He also had green locks
So then I went for a neon pink
With red and yellow spots

And so I was quite happy
Until that fateful night
When Kim showed up with orange hair
With purple zebra stripes

And so I went for charcoal
And then amber and puce
Azure, mauve, maroon with streaks
Of lemon at the roots

Cinnabar and citron
Who knew from who or where
They got a color called ecru
But it was in my hair

And when it was all over
On verge of a breakdown
I was transfixed, the colors mixed
To nought by mousy brown


81 thoughts on “The Plights of The Maverick

  1. This is funny! I have been contemplating on dyeing my hair for some time now. The last time I did it was in high school. Now (decades later) with thinning and graying hair, I am seriously thinking about it. But just yesterday, a co-worker of mine said she’s dyeing her hair red this weekend. And I was aiming for that color too (since my mom’s red do turned out great looking). Anyways, I bought henna and it was green as recommended by a train friend of mine who uses it. And it made her hair with just tints of red. So now I cannot remember the point of my story. Haha!

  2. I worked in a very conservative environment and NO ONE was gutsy enough to follow some of the weird and wonderful things I did with my hair …. including buzzing the whole thing off once. Only once … I discovered that my head is an unfortunate shape.

    The President of the company one day asked me if he should be alarmed that the person responsible for risk management in the organization (me) had just shown up for work with blue hair.

    Being a maverick does have its down side :/

  3. Don’t know if you’ve read the children’s book, “Stephanie’s Ponytail” by Robert Munsch. It’s just as hilarious as your rendition of the plight of trying to be different with hair styles. This was a joy to read, Marissa.

  4. Hair? What’s that? I’m, ummm middle aged, but have long forgotten….
    Saw something (on Facebook, perhaps?) about this dude who dyed his beard different shades of gold and then put glitter on it. How do you get it off????

  5. I can pictire some of this as you are a rock and roll superstar! Marissa, your dark hair would be cool with one streak of color near your face; a different one each month. πŸ˜‰
    I started dyeing my hair at age 29 due to my brother counting my gray hairs in an amusement park line. My parents had my little children in the kiddie’s park while we were waiting an hour for a roller coaster. I have gone “ash blonde,” golden blonde, auburn, light brown, red, “mahogany,” and dark brown. Never bright as my DIL who has gone pink, purple and maroon on separate occasions. Only once did she do a striped effect, for attending an outdoor informal wedding of my niece. No one said a word, not me! My son would have given me his “what for?” speech. My oldest daughter went “gothic” or just “goth.” Pale skin and black hair with black clothes. Hugs, Robin β™‘

    • I’ve been dying mine, just my own traditional dark brown, since I was 35 but recently decided to let it go gray. Once it’s a light enough, I’m going to see if it can take some wacky colors without having to bleach it first but those colors are usually more upkeep than the more traditional dyes.

      • Just remember the gray and white hair takes longer to absorb the colors, Marissa. πŸ™‚ I had a friend who was so much fun and thought going gray meant a blank palette to dye any color. It took awhile to get brave and leave the color on for 40 to 45 minutes!

      • Oh yes, well I’ve been covering grays with dark brown anyway although I think the funkier colors are even more resistant to absorb. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  6. I feel this in my bones, er, roots! Just got colored on Friday…hanging with a very demure black and deep purple. Thank goodness my boss lives two time zones over. It’ll be faded before I see him again πŸ™‚

  7. Oh God, Oh God… I was panicking after neon pink with red and yellow spot ! πŸ˜€
    I recently had first one of my hair disasters (well an almost disaster), I tried Ombre hair, not everybody is a fan of them let’s just say πŸ˜› Now I have to just suck it up, not that it doesn’t look good but they are very different from what I had done before! πŸ˜›

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