The Regrettes Record Release Party At The Echo

New year, new gig! I’m pretty excited about writing for this new online magazine, Degenerate News. Here is the first article I wrote for them. The members of The Regrettes actually all went to rock school with my son and are now signed to Warner Brothers so it’s pretty exciting. They also happen to be a great band.
Please take the time to read my review or at least click through to show there is readership, ha, ha! It will look good for me! Thanks! And let me know what you think of The Regrettes and the article.


Locked And Loaded

Don’t ask me why I titled this blog Locked and Loaded…other than that the guy I was writing about has the last name Gunn. That was actually my original title for the article but thankfully, the editor decided to change it at the last minute, sparing me some embarrassment, yet, here I am embarrassing myself just the same. Anyway, some of you may be interested in this one as this guy¬†not only managed to end up playing with his idol, Marky Ramone of The Ramones, but also ended up publishing a book without even trying. Some people, am I right? Well here is the link.

Also, fun though this column may be, I am running low on people who have an interesting story and are willing to be candid with me, from the hard rock, punk or metal communities. Go figure, right? Anyway, in the unlikely event that you know anyone who fits this bill, send them my way, thanks!


Mass Market My Heart

My MC bought out on the street
Down at Saint Marks place
I wore it proudly til the day
It saw it’s fall from grace

A trend in Brooklyn it became
Was it sweet irony
Worn by all the awful kids
Who always picked on me

And that was the beginning of
What was soon to fall
For soon Doc Martens would be found
Sold at suburban malls

And once exclusively U.K.
Indeed what could be finer
But something lost as they’re outsourced
And mass produced in China

And for 100 bucks or so
Most anybody can
Have their 2 year old appear
The biggest Ramones fan

Though I suppose they have the right
I can’t help think it’s vulgar
The price tags and the plastic wraps
Mass market counter culture

So take the spikes from my wristband
And just rip out my heart
I bought this T-shirt at the show
Not at the Walmart