Archie’s Ice Cream Closes Its Doors

When I first heard there was a rock n’ roll ice cream shop that hosted live bands, I immediately thought, “I want to go to there”. Never mind that its Tustin location was some 44 miles from my home in Burbank, which could cost you up to 2 hours in So-Cal traffic, it was worth the trip!

And Archie’s did not disappoint. Not only did it serve delectable ice cream, it was decorated floor to ceiling (literally) with autographed pictures of the coolest rock stars ever! My family band went there every year for three consecutive years in a row to play and we brought my son’s and daughter’s band out there as well.

I’m so glad we all had the pleasure of performing on what I will always consider to be hallowed grounds.

It was always fun playing Archie’s. More than the cool atmosphere and great ice cream, it was imbibed with the spirit of its owner Shant Keuilian, a genuinely nice guy who loved to support local bands and innately understood the meaning of rock n’ roll.

Today, I heard the sad news that Archie’s will be closing its doors for the last time on Sept. 28. As another rock n roll institution bites the dust, I feel it necessary to give it the respect it deserves although a mere blog does not seem like enough.

Shant continues to keep the spirit of rock alive by visiting live events in the Archie’s Rock n’ Roll Ice Cream Truck, so if you see him out there, be sure to tell him The CheeseBergens say hello.

In the meantime, please enjoy this brief documentary created by Ryan Jachetta Films, that can truly tell you what rock n roll is all about.

It Never Snows In Southern California

Can you imagine if it snowed
Here in Southern Cali
Sources say impossible
Citizens would rally

Surfers pack their surfboards up
Bikini babes concur
Beach bums pack their towels as
They say, “That’s gnarly brah!”

We’d all run to the internet
To help us with the struggle
Of looking up exactly how
And where to buy a shovel

And us here in our West Coast state
We would make history
Reporting the most snow blower
Related injuries

The Beverly Hills residents
Would bitterly complain
Instead of rock salt on their drives
They would throw cocaine

They’d roll up their convertibles
And try to stay the course
By wondering if they would need
Snow tires for the Porsche

And those who dared to venture out
Probably would plan
On booking out the whole salon
Just to maintain their tan

The 405 would just shut down
The internet would clog
From all the people ordering
Ski jackets for their dogs

Life coaches would be called upon
And trauma clearly felt
Until the sun comes out and then
The whole two inches melt

*Inspired by the inclement weather on the East Coast – SML