Sam I Am

There is a boy named Sam,
No one seems to have a clue,
Whenever I mention him,
They just seem to ask “Who?”

And it is at that point,
A conclusion I must reach here,
That I find that he really has,
Not one distinguishing feature.

He might be racially ambiguous,
Or perhaps he is white,
Brown hair and eyes but the rest forgotten,
Once he leaves my sight.

He is neither short nor tall,
Neither fat nor very thin,
In fact the only characteristic,
That stands out about him,

Would be a certain title,
Sad that I must render,
But to say “You know, he’s the boy
That no one can remember.”


The Agony And The Ecstasy of The DMV

Here I stand at the DMV,
And I must say it’s a sight to see,
That under the sickly glow of fluorescent light,
All people of the world unite.

To create a lovely vision,
Of every world, class and religion,
Ages range from young to old,
As if a rainbow might unfold.

And though a sense of community could be thriving,
Based on this common skill of driving,
The bond that holds us here is this,
We’re all completely fuckin’ pissed.