Directionally Challenged

Today I take advantage of Word Press’s Weekly Challenge,
To challenge my husbands allegations I’m directionally challenged.
For though there is some truth in this I think that I know best,
And surely I’m familiar with my north, south, east and west.

It’s merely just a matter that my heads so full of stuff,
I don’t get the opportunity to look around enough,
So all this is why yesterday afternoon found me,
Outside with specific purpose to notice what’s around me.

I noticed all the flowers, I noticed all the signs,
I looked down at the sidewalks and studied all the lines,
I noticed all the houses and I noticed all the trees,
I noticed all the birds and I noticed all the bees,
I noticed all the scenery and all the streets I crossed,
And after about an hour, I noticed I was lost.


All God’s Creatures

Some people love all God’s creatures large and small,
I say if you’ve seen one rose you’ve seen them all,
But children see things differently so I guess I oughta,
Appreciate the scenery when walking with my daughter.

And lo and behold before us such an amazing sight,
That even I felt my blackened heart becoming light,
A rose stood before us with such a gorgeous hue,
It’s blossoms so delicately white yet almost blue.

And I stood in amazement as if under some strange potion,
That I barely paid attention to what played out in slow motion,
For out towards the flower my daughter’s hand reached for,
And no sooner had all the petals fallen to the floor,
Then we mourned the fact that the flower was no more.

And just when we thought there’d be nothing more to spoil it,
A dog came along and thought those petals would make a great toilet,
We walked through the neighborhood a couple of times since then,
And never saw anything so beautiful again.