The Charisma of The Misanthrope

Abandon hope, The Misanthrope
He doesn’t suffer fools
Those vying his attention should
He deem to label cool

Try hard to meet his standards you’ll
Fall woefully beneath
And fixed with eye rolls like leftover
Food stuck in his teeth

The few that have his number know
It’s best to text not phone
And cancel plans, a happy man
He’s better left alone

And though his social circle’s thin
They say it’s all the fashion
The privileged few that brag that they
Like less, hate with more passion

And though I gave up long ago
I do happen to fall
Upon unlikely evidence
He has a Facebook wall

Filled with clever memes each one
Condemns humanity
His friends all laugh, I note he has
So many more than me.


The Agony And The Ecstasy of The DMV

Here I stand at the DMV,
And I must say it’s a sight to see,
That under the sickly glow of fluorescent light,
All people of the world unite.

To create a lovely vision,
Of every world, class and religion,
Ages range from young to old,
As if a rainbow might unfold.

And though a sense of community could be thriving,
Based on this common skill of driving,
The bond that holds us here is this,
We’re all completely fuckin’ pissed.