My Frivolous Things

Rock n’ roll music and my little kiddies
Pink platform boots and a black vinyl mini
A flying V strung with six nylon strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Neon eye shadow and black liquid liner
Tight jeans made up by my favorite designer
A skull that’s engraved in a big silver ring
These are a few of my favorite things.

Writing and blogging and bad poetry
Bands from the 80s with hair to their knees
New York in summer London in the spring
These are a few of my favorite things

When someone’s late, when I can’t sleep
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember a chocolate cake
And then I don’t feel so bad.

Repeat ad nauseam.

This is my take on the love hate challenge. Thank you to Kim Boxin and Paola from Doted On for nominating me.

By popular demand, I have added a video of my performing the song live. It was a real rush job for which I apologize in advance but, at the very least, have a laugh on me.



Stupid of the Shrapnel Elevator

I say now wouldn’t it be grand
If we all could form band
Think of what they’ll say in school
They’ll probably think we’re really cool

We’ll go on all kinds of dates
And maybe get to second base
All we need is a cool foursome
And I’ll sing because I’m awesome

No one’s volunteered so far
So you can play the lead guitar
For our rockin’ entourage
If we can jam in your garage

And, what’s that? Can you say ew?
Stephen wants to join up too?
I hear he’s weird and he eats paste
Okay he can play the bass

My little bro rounds out the band
He cries and beats on pots and pans
And besides I’m pretty sure
That he can even count to four

And we’re soon to achieve fame
Once we have a cool band name
Straight from Band Name Generator
‘Stupid of the Shrapnel Elevator’

And now that we’re official rockers
We’ll graffiti the school lockers
Hang in halls without our passes
Refuse to remove our sunglasses

Wear all black and act like rebels
Say that we worship the devil
Bug our moms till they relent
And buy expensive instruments

That will all look really cute
We’ll pose with them in photo shoots
And we’ll be well prepared the day
We actually learn how to play.


Bad Reputation

Did you look at her today?
She thinks she’s all the rage,
It’s really not appropriate,
For someone of her age.

Her manner’s too aggressive,
Her nature unrefined,
She’s too opinionated,
I think she’s out of line.

Her poetry is quite crass,
It’s on the verge of libel,
She serves up frozen dinners,
And does not recycle.

Her wooden floors are not scrubbed,
It really is disgusting,
Her refrigerator’s top,
Needs a thorough dusting.

I’ve never seen them at church,
They probably are pagan,
The latest rumor has it,
They all worship Satan.

And what’s up with her children?
Does she think them rock stars?
They should have history books,
Instead of those guitars.

She should really tweeze those brows,
And straighten out her hair,
What do you think they say behind
Your back when you’re not there?