The One Line Poem Challenge

I was nominated for a new challenge. Everyone that is nominated is asked to add a line to this poem. It was originated by Rich at Wafflemethis passed on to Erika Kind, who then nominated me. I am passing the baton to Syl at Syl65’s Blog.


Autumnal hues herald dawn’s amber glow.
Nature paints in colorful flow.
Everything’s pumpkin from pop tarts to chips.


The Exercise Lady Made Me Do It!

Oh my dear Leslie Sansone,
You are my exercise woman,
Who attacks junk in the trunk with a spunk,
Nothing short of superhuman.

But when I put your video in today,
Though it looks just like it ought,
When I go to play it something tells me,
It may not be the one I bought.

Leslie drags on to the screen,
And her usual mantra of “Nothing to it!”
Turns into a horrifying lament,
Of “Ladies, I just can’t do it!”

Her hair lies in a rat’s nest,
Askew atop her head,
And it appears dear Leslie,
Has just crawled right out of bed.

After spending most of the night,
Battling smoothies in a blender,
And her band of fit aerobicized youths,
Look like they just came from an all night bender.

And Leslie says “Today we march to the drum,
Of a slightly different tune,
The only kind of lifting we’ll be doing,
Involves a mouth and spoon.”

And horrified, I followed her,
As she put food into her lips,
And even when she dunked her head into,
An entire bag of chips.

And though with this new routine,
I had my suspicions,
With forcefulness she coaxed me,
To do multiple repetitions.

And while this scenario,
Seems perhaps like a bad dream,
It’s all true and I’m telling you,
That’s why there’s no more mint ice cream.