No Man’s Land


This one, inspired by my son’s birthday today.

Creepy spiders, badger’s nest, perhaps dinner for two
A wizard and a warlock and of course a witch’s brew
An amulet, a cigarette, those keys you never found
Spare coins, the remote control, the pet you thought had drowned
The wallet years gone missing though you never knew to where
Amazing the things you will find while combing Jesse’s hair.

Happy Birthday Jesse!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who voted for my son’s band in the Metal Devastation Band of the Month poll. They actually won! They got a blog spot featured here and will be in heavy rotation on the station all month as well as being featured on their Facebook page. I’m sure my son would be overjoyed if, as a birthday gift, you would give his band a like on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.

42 thoughts on “No Man’s Land

  1. Yay! Mazel Tov and I knew they’d win! (Liking and following them next)
    Ps. If this funny poem was on my blog about my kid, you wouldn’t need to rhyme all those difficult words– you’d just rhyme lice. 😉

  2. Great little poem, Marissa. That hair must be pretty thick and impressive to hide such a plethora of stuff. Just the kind of hair a rock star needs. Happy Birthday, Jesse! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday to Jesse!
    I love hidden things in wild, unruly hair (like wallets Lol).
    Hope there was chocolate. . . 🍫🍩🍪
    I am not on FB nor Instagram, so sorry!!

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