My Girl Left Me For Satan

My girl left me for Satan
She said it was transcendental
When she saw him at the potluck
At the New Satanic Temple
Well she left me with the dog and I
Am cooking all my food
But I guess I must admit that he’s
One charismatic dude


My girl left me for Satan
And I guess it’s just as well
Though it’ll be kind of awkward when
We’re all burning in hell

Well it just ain’t been the same now that
My life became unfurled
Since my baby left me for the king
Of the underworld
I’m tired and I’m beat up and
Well most of all I’m bored
And I’m strongly thinking I should just
Go and worship the lord


Well he stole my soul and now I guess
He stole my girlfriend too
But I guess the bathroom mirror should
Have given me a clue
Cause the steam don’t cover lipstick
And the truth is rather mean
But it’s very clearly written there
Says, ‘Satan loves Erlene!’


I’m strongly considering forming a Satanic country band. Who’s in?

64 thoughts on “My Girl Left Me For Satan

  1. Wow, what satanic lyrics, Marissa! And I can only agree: Satan is charismatic and can blind you with that. Hopefully, Erlene finds out before he steals her heart.

  2. I once had a gal who left me for the local vicar…it seems she found him, a studious man, a more interesting chap than yours truly. I’ll never understand you gals.

  3. Though itโ€™ll be kind of awkward when
    Weโ€™re all burning in hell
    LOL, ain’t that the truth? BTW, I haven’t heard the name Erlene since the Mandrell sisters. Love it, Marissa. Not joining the satanic band, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is an amazing, excellent sing that “hits all the country buttons!”
    Reminds me of country songs about guys losing girls to truckers, hillbilly men in small towns and strange backstreet bars. . .
    and you know they love their religious symbols and blaming Satan for all their problems.
    It would have to be carefully presented, as the Cheesebergens are so far above the usual drivel. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hmmmm….you know I’ve always thought so…maybe she could duet this one with someone equally heinous. If I knew more about country music, I’d probably be able to find the perfect match.

      • Clay Aiken, ha ha (the other famous American idol winner, who seems to have vanished into hell or Vegas, but maybe he is doing better than I think…what do I know?!)

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