What Everybody Ought To Know About The CheeseBergens

Here is an awesome article written about my family band The CheeseBergens by fellow bloggers ‘Ladies in Rock’. Check it out!
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Ladies in ROCK

What happens when two would have been rock stars have a middle aged crisis? They decide to form a family band with their unwitting children.

The CheeseBergens is a band comprised of Ides Bergen, father and drummer, Marissa Bergen, mother and bassist, Jesse Bergen, son and singer/lead guitarist and Anjelica Bergen, daughter and singer/guitarist.

Mama and Papa Cheese have been honing their skills for years playing the L.A. club circuit in bands to varying success. The Cheese Kids have been busy building their own resumes in rock schools in the L.A. area. Now they come together with their own brand of rock n’ roll with punk and metal influences.

The CheeseBergens have been featured on Rock Rage Radio, I Love Heavy Metal Radio and have appeared on two Metal Babe Mayhem compilations as well as Dewar’s PR Summer Compilation. They have played reputable Los Angeles clubs…

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66 thoughts on “What Everybody Ought To Know About The CheeseBergens

    • Thank you for your support Rob! This is a Geddy Lee signature and actually my son’s but I kind of stole it from him when we started the band. I try not to use it when I don’t have to but it’s the best bass we have for recording and playing live. Anyway, we since bought him a 6 string (bass) to make up for it.

  1. Wow, awesome article, Marissa!! It was interesting to learn that you did not want to become a family band from the beginning on! So, it was meant to be. I love that first picture of the band. You look so proud (and beautiful!).

  2. Great article, great pics of you and the family. Too bad so many kids are over-activitied and have little time to devote to a band. But I think it’s great that you can do something together that you all enjoy. The family that rocks out together stays together. PEACE! 🙂

    • Thanks Joan! Fortunately, since starting our band, my son managed to get his own band together. Now, between our band, his band and my daughter’s band, we’re a rock n roll circus.

  3. Wow, nice work CheeseBergens! So impressed at everything you’re doing. And super happy I finally figured out how to log back into my wordpress.com reader so I can follow.

  4. Loved the article and the family photos. ❤ Mama and Papa Cheese must be so proud of their Cheese kids. Wow! Good-luck on your album. 🙂

  5. I love that you had someone else write an article about you, Marissa and your family of Cheesebergens! You are always so generous with your visiting other blogs and supportive of other heavy metal bands. Thank you so much! This was a fantastic article.
    I am so glad I voted in early April so I didn’t run out of time. 🙂

    • Thanks for your support! I do miss it and have some song lyrics I’m thinking of publishing. I just have so much paid writing work now, it’s hard to just say, okay, don’t think I’m going to make money now since I want to blog! LOL

      • Not really. There is one site where I provide descriptions of different kinds of venues for a ticket seller’s site…some concert venues but also theaters, performing art centers and sports venues. It’s kind of interesting. I also work for an electrical supply site, a marketing company and drug and alcohol rehab. Those are my main gigs.

      • All online? Sounds good. You still writing for that music site? I guess I understand why you aren’t providing us links to your writing, although venue descriptions may be interesting haha. Anyway, good on you! I hope you find time for some creative writing too soon.

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