Veronika Sorrow-Scene Queen and Fashion Fiend

My new Geeks of Doom article is live. I really found this woman fascinating and love what she is doing to bring back the community and for the music scene. Please click through and let me know what you think.


61 thoughts on “Veronika Sorrow-Scene Queen and Fashion Fiend

  1. One of those life stories I love so much! It is awesome how things are falling apart only in order to come together in the most perfect way! So cool that she can combine shop and venue. And as it looks that was only the beginning!

  2. Strangely enough I just rewatched Pretty in Pink and thought how much I missed shops like the one Molly’s character worked in! There are no more cool little record shops anymore with funky styles and punks…

    Her shop sounds awesome. Those shoes alone…!

  3. Somehow it seems when things fall apart only the real path is seen. Great write, Marissa!! Totally loved it. What a unique young woman! I say kudos for her and for you for writing such a good piece!! ❤

  4. She definitely has a shop I could hang out in for a few hours just looking around and some live music. I’m glad she didn’t give up on her dream after becoming ill, the woman’s got moxie!

  5. It’s always refreshing to see shops like this live on inside of the age of Amazon. If not for the local flavor, delivered up by peeps like V, all we have is a Starbucks on every corner. Great piece!

  6. What an interesting lady, I don’t often think of punk rocker and straight A’s and early childhood education in the same sentence, but you have opened my eyes. People are like onions, a lot of layers. Thanks for sharing this, Marissa. 🙂

  7. One cool lady who is anything but sorrowful, for sure! I like the idea of having bands play in thrift shops. How neat is that? I also love those shops, we even have some cool ones here where I live. I also remember Pretty in Pink all to well. Great piece, Marissa. I’m glad you get to immerse yourself in something you enjoy 😀

    • Thanks! Yes, she did make a comment on how she was a happy person, even though she was attracted to the goth music scene! We played her shop a couple of times and it’s pretty cool to be able to browse and play with all these cool items nearby. I just wish she were able to take the racks out of the middle of the store while the bands are playing! Ha, ha…no really!

  8. V Sorrow is really good at knowing her direction and getting some of her dreams to come true, Marissa! Her desire to have both a club and a thrift shop was early, as well as getting her early childhood degree. I listened to the plaintive song about “how long can I. . . .?” It was dramatic and the drummer was good as well as her singing. Nicely written! 🙂

  9. I love that you are finding and profiling strong, successful women with talent, energy, business smarts, and a vision to pull it all together. The fact they are also highly creative is simply a bonus.

  10. Such a beautiful sorrow who finds glows no matter what tomorrows. Inspiring story from a beautiful strong woman. A cool rock shop running for 7 years is such a feat. Thanks Marissa for featuring her story.

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