Two Tens Single Release Preview Review

My second article for Degenerate News just got published. Please click through and show some love for the band The Two Tens.



26 thoughts on “Two Tens Single Release Preview Review

      • I’ve never been to either. But I always see and pass by it. Plus, I heard the fish and chips has got good reviews.
        Yeah, I know what you mean – going anywhere without the kids, especially if it’s a long way away from home.

    • It’s hard for me to get out to 21+ shows because the kids can’t come with me and since my husband works most nights, I have to leave them at home and go out alone which is an option, but I’m not crazy about it. On this particular night, there is actually another concert that’s all ages that I already said I was going to so that will probably be better.

  1. I wrote a rather belated comment but was fairly articulate, Marissa. Your covering the Two Tens in this article was really great! I like that they sound like a tribute to the Ramones and they decided to cover the Little Richard song. He was ahead of his time and I am sure they modernized it, too. There was your interesting explanation of how to make a two person band sound fuller and like more people playing in it. You are a Ten as an interviewer, Marissa!

    • Why thank you Robin! Haven’t been getting a chance to do any type of writing much less interviewing since now I have some paying gigs writing plus doing the band. Funny because I always thought being a writer would be a dream job but it kind of takes the joy out of my creative writing ventures.

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