Kelly Maglia: From Closet Metal Head to Metal Queen

Thanks to those who read my Regrettes article yesterday. I’m still writing for Geeks of Doom as well. Here is my most recent article on designer, dancer and rock star Kelly Maglia. Hope you enjoy!


43 thoughts on “Kelly Maglia: From Closet Metal Head to Metal Queen

  1. I am not on Disques or G mail so you will get my complimentary comments! I love the way this woman, Kelly, embraced her theatrical and pole dancing into her musical performance. “Love in an Elevator” was really fun to watch and even though would rather see the cute guy fixing the copy machine in skimpy clothes, the two girls and Kelly did just great.
    Your review is very professional and included her degree and business acumen, Marissa. Beautiful way to highlight an up and coming force to reckon with! πŸ™‚

  2. You know those fabulous series like “People of New York” and “People of……” whatever place a person is doing the series on? You are like a people of rock . I am loving learning about the people in your stories Marissa.

  3. Wow, great article, Marissa! Kelly is doing it all and what she loves, most importantly. The video reminded me of the 80’s with a beefcake spin instead of scantily clad women.

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