The Regrettes Record Release Party At The Echo

New year, new gig! I’m pretty excited about writing for this new online magazine, Degenerate News. Here is the first article I wrote for them. The members of The Regrettes actually all went to rock school with my son and are now signed to Warner Brothers so it’s pretty exciting. They also happen to be a great band.
Please take the time to read my review or at least click through to show there is readership, ha, ha! It will look good for me! Thanks! And let me know what you think of The Regrettes and the article.


51 thoughts on “The Regrettes Record Release Party At The Echo

  1. You could always tip me with an FB message next post (I get notice of those on my mobile). Anyhow, and as ever my support for musicians, young, old and in-between is assured. Nice article.

  2. I’m thinking of all the stuff you have brewing right now – home, job, family band, song writing, blog, and now writing for not one, but TWO online magazines … and that’s just the stuff I know about!! You must be one very busy lady!! Congrats on the new gig … you’re rocking it at multiple levels 🙂

  3. As the Beatles used to say, you’re “getting better, getting better all the time.” However, as I was trying to read the article, this banner drops down asking me to follow them by email. I had one heck of a time closing it. I hate it when web designers do that. I did finally get it closed and finished the article.

  4. Marissa, I “chatted you up” and subscribed to the Degenerate News, too! 🙂
    Your review was excellent and well written.
    Great references to the past rockers who helped shape the younger bands and created influences! I liked that your son knew the one who was only 7 when she started!

  5. The writing was really tight Marissa. You kniw your stuff and you come across as a seasoned music writer- well done and congrats. P.s. I emailed you maybe 2 weeks ago…no pressure, buy just saying in case it’s in your spam.

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