The Parking Spot

I tried to get there early
So I wouldn’t have to race
For the task nearly impossible
To find a parking space

For surely I’d be lucky if
I happened to have found
A spot twas even blocks away
The hottest clubย in town

My wond’ring eyes saw such a sight
They were likely to meet
A spot there that did wait for me
And right across the street

No sign was reading ‘tow away
No standing, loading only’
And so I pulled my car right up
To make it far less lonely

But once I pulled in not enough
To just leave for the club
I had to sit there to impress
On every passing schlub

Of what would be my luck that night
A feat much more than meager
And did I mention I’d no need
To feed the parking meter?

And as I sat there basking
In the space that I had took
I thought it best to take a pic
And post it on Facebook

So all my friends could envy me
And have it in their sights
Of all the luck that I was having
On that weekend night

But finally I had to go
So out the car I dragged
But ‘fore I made it to the club
I stopped off and I bragged

To every bouncer, every door girl
All that I did meet
Of how I got to get a spot
Just right across the street

And finally I got in the club
A sight that made me sober
To find the band I came to see
Was now completely over

But it was just a momentary
Downer, no real grieving
I just got back into my car
And now I’m never leaving.


The actual picture I posted from my car on Saturday night…parked across the street from L.A. hot spot, The Troubadour.

65 thoughts on “The Parking Spot

  1. Fantastic poetic gem. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been to the Troubadour once. I saw this band: Scarling. It was small but an awesome place. I know my favorite band Nine Inch Nails played there…and Guns ‘n’ Roses played there as well. Lots of bands played there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wonderfully entertaining. Laughing all the way through. I now have the advantage of having a handicapped card to place on my windshield because of a knee problem to get a good parking spot. But…my daughter told me one day, “Mom why are you using the special spot when you’re not limping today?” I told her, “Because I can.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Very surreal to have written a surprise Reality ending, Marissa!
    I am excited about your playing out this weekend, too! Your family will rock that Meow Meowz thrift shop off of its block!!

  4. Very well written!

    I’ve to find a parking spot everyday and when I get one right across the street or very near the building gate, it feels like I’ve achieved something very big or my luck is super high. It feels like I should brag about it even though it is just about a parking place. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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