The CheeseBergens on Metal Meat

On an endless quest for blatant self promotion, I decided to add this link. It’s an interview on Metal Meat with The CheeseBergens. I think it’s really quite funny, especially the part where he rags on us for being old, ha, ha! Anyway, those of you who have the energy to follow the link, can (hopefully) enjoy a fun read.


67 thoughts on “The CheeseBergens on Metal Meat

    • Oh, okay, it’s an article though, not a recording. There is audio when you click on it though…so if you’re at work and trying to look at it discreetly, you might want to turn the volume on your computer down!!

  1. I would not miss this, Marissa. BTW I have to wait til I find a comment to get to your blog, cause I can’t get to you in the reader or email. If you put your URL on your gravatar…voila! Love the CheeseBergens…you are not old , how dare they! πŸ™‚

  2. Haha!!! Just read the interview (sorry did not make it yesterday anymore!) You guys are just awesome! That interview radiates so much joy and excitement about your family band and the enthusiasm you all share for music. You appear as a great team. The musical version of the Addams Family… too funny! Awesome guys! It must be an experience to see you performing live. The vibes you all must send out must be capturing!

  3. What is NOT to love about a song titled “Mommy and Daddy Worship Satan”? I immediately thought to myself, there’s a song I would jam to. Not kidding.

    You gots some new music? Gonna make some videos? Bring it on!

    • Thanks Cayman! We have one more song on the way. That will be a total of 8…I think enough to constitute an album. we have a video for Mommy and Daddy Worship Satan. I posted it here before but you can see it on Youtube if you search The CheeseBergens. We have a lyric video for our Lemmy song too.
      We’ll probably make more lyric videos for these songs and then maybe another full blown video in the summer. They are kind of expensive and hard to make but they’re fun! Thanks for asking and reading!

  4. After the comparisons with the Brady Bunch, the Partridge Family and the Osbournes in the article, I’m thinking you might just be getting your own tv series. Only it will be more like Ozzie and Harriett. Which one of your kids will be Ricky Nelson?

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  6. Wishing you great luck with your band…Sorry to say my Bronte tour cancelled–they gave me a lot less time to promote it than originally agreed. BUT thank you so much for your support of my Bronte endeavors. Annabelle

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