Do It With Cheese

There really ain’t no other way I like to grill it
When I get some frozen patties in my skillet
I’m down to eat a salad or scarf up grease
But there’s just one way to serve it that’s gonna please
I don’t care if it’s in slices or an easy squeeze

Just do it- but do it with cheese!

Now you might say your lactose intolerant
But I say just suck it up or you can go get bent
Cause if your tummy hurts then I say “oh please!”
Go wash it down with Tums or some anti freeze
Theres just one way to serve it that’s gonna please

Just do it – but do it with cheese!

When they see me comin’ they don’t need to guess
If I want some cheese with that cause the answer is yes
I need the gooey stuff and that’s for sure
And I don’t care if it’s costing me 50 cents more

Cheese is the stuff of life and you can’t refute
If you think you’re gaining weight then stop eating fruit
Cause life is too short to sweat the calories
So you best start clogging up all those arteries
Live fast and die of cardiovascular disease

Just do it – but do it with cheese!

Hello friends! I’m sure you were all waiting with bated breath for this last installment of our Three Songs In Three Days Campaign. Fun factoid!! Due to some technical issues this song almost was not released today!!! Lucky for you, we had a last minute edit that saved the day. I know, imagine you, all bummed out for the weekend because you were waiting for this song and couldn’t be sure if you would ever hear it!!

Well, here it is. This one was published before as a poem but now has music added, so PLEASE LISTEN!! Come on people, I can tell how many of you are listening and it’s a lot more than those who are stopping by to like or comment…although the fact that you are enjoying the lyrics is appreciated as well….but we work hard on this stuff!! This is another track with my daughter on vocals and you know she’s a newbie at this so all feedback is appreciated, especially the good kind!! Okay, without further ado, The CheeseBergens’ lifelong motto…Do It With Cheese!

57 thoughts on “Do It With Cheese

    • Ha, ha! Thanks for your honesty Craig! Many’s the time that I get a post with audio and / or video and I can’t watch/listen because the boss is around or someone’s asleep in the same room as me.

  1. I ALWAYS listen (although sometimes with earbuds 😉 ) … but today I have the bluetooth speaker on for volume! This song is my favourite of the three!! It could easily be the Sisco Family Theme Song … I come from a proud line of cheese enthusiasts. On a conservative guess, I believe there are at least 6 different types of cheese in my fridge right now 🙂

    Yes please. I’ll take cheese.

  2. Okay, I listened. And holy cheese fries, I was missing some great stuff!

    This was really good guys. I’ve adopted it as my anthem to cheese, glorious cheese! (Just picture me holding up a slice of cheese as if it were a lighter. And then proceeding to finish said slice before the song was over).

    Encore! With extra cheese, of course. 🙂

  3. I always do it with cheese! I like that song, it has some bite in it 😀 Your two kiddos are really gonna be setting the world on fire when they grow up; they are super talented already. I wish all kids had a chance to learn in some discipline of the arts. Way to go!!

      • Wow, but actually I can. They always cut the arts first in schools. They don’t understand how music helps kid’s cognitive development, and also the benefits of art and literature. Very sad indeed. At least you have that covered with your kiddos, but unfortunately not all have talented parents that spend time developing those attributes.

  4. My grandson, Micah, is going to listen and give his opinion. So, here we go!
    “It was really funny! It was a good song and I liked the guitar!” (Age 8)
    The long instrumental solos (right before the section about gaining weight and stop eating fruit) were AWESOME and AMAZING!! I was impressed that your daughter doesn’t stumble over those multiple syllable words, “cardiovascular disease.” 🙂 Bravo to the Cheesebergens!

    • I love that you let Micah listen to it and gave us his feedback…and mostly glad he liked it. Full disclosure, Anjelica did stumble over some of the words but that’s what multiple takes are for!

      • She was amazing, your son has a cool vibe and sound in his voice. I love your voice and really could see how far you may have gone. . . It is more about being in the right place at the right time. Knowing all the famous people you rubbed elbows with (maybe other parts, too?! ha ha ) you left an indelible impression on them, too. xo

  5. Cheese and artichokes. There’s a theme for ya!! Haha! LOVED this the first time I heard it and of course loved it the second time too!!! YAY for you and the family, Marissa!! ❤

  6. I couldn’t hear it. I’ll have to try online later. The songs cracks me up because long, long ago I inspired a song for my friends college band called Anything with Cheese On It Is Good. Of course the CheezeBergens doing a song about cheese was inevitable and perfect!

  7. Another favorite song of mines.

    These lyrics mad me laugh hard.

    Now you might say your lactose intolerant
    But I say just suck it up or you can go get bent
    Cause if your tummy hurts then I say “oh please!”
    Go wash it down with Tums or some anti freeze
    Theres just one way to serve it that’s gonna please

    You guys rock. I want you to post more music here. 🙂

  8. Just got a chance to listen–your daughter has a promising heavy metal voice, great work on the instruments too. Cheese is the best… when I first got married, a friend gave me this cooking tip: men will eat anything if you sprinkle a little cheese on top. 28 years later, it’s still true. 🙂

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