The Hipsters Downstairs

Some dudes moved in to our neighborhood
Wearing trucker hats that read ‘Hollywood’
There’s Mr. Park My Prius Just As Bad As I Can
Paul Giamatti and Social Cause Stan
Prius talking ’bout Alaska, how he volunteered
While he’s cooking tofu or something weird
Paul is so loud even Steve Jobs can hear
And we can’t decide if causes is Clark Kent or just queer

… Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The hipsters downstairs
The hipsters downstairs
Nobody cares about
The hipsters downstairs
The hipsters downstairs
The hipsters downstairs
With their stupid facial hair
The hipsters downstairs

They rise at sunset say up all night
They just might be hipster vampires
Or more likely a werewolf for Paul with that beard
Nervous Nod causes could be Frankenweird
Apparently guitar is now the thing
They murder it all night, let’s hope that they don’t sing
And if I hear ‘In Alaska’ one more time
I’m gonna stick that guitar where the sun don’t shine


They threw a party last weekend
They camped out in the yard
It wasn’t them throwing bottles I feared
But bustin’ out with Kubaya

Some dudes moved in to our neighborhood
Wearing trucker heads that read ‘Hollywood’
There’s Mr. Park My Prius just as bad as I can
Paul Giamatti and Social Cause Stan
And if I hear ‘In Alaska’ one more time
I’m gonna stick that guitar where the sun don’t shine
Or maybe call an Uber and tell the man
“Take ’em back to Alaska or Douchebagistan”

As promised, here is song number 2 of our Three Songs In Three Days Campaign. I don’t believe I’ve ever shared the lyrics to this one before either and that is probably due to the fact that it was mostly written by my husband. I just tweaked a couple of things and added the bridge.

This is the true (if slightly exaggerated) story of the neighbors who live below us. Fun fact! We actually practice in our apartment, right above their heads. We often wonder if this song goes through their minds and, if so, whether they realize it’s about them!

60 thoughts on “The Hipsters Downstairs

  1. Ahhh this is brilliant! Had me grinning from start to finish… I’m pretty sure I know a guy called Mr. Park my Prius real bad… Great stuff, Marissa! As always… sorry I’ve been an absentee blogger of late, but I have missed your rhymes and reason! D

      • It’s not a contest yet. I know he sits in his studio and every so often unwinds with a swift check on social media. I just seems he gets in first insofar as my favourite bloggers are concerned! Cheek of it!

      • This day I shall beat him…I am certain of it because he’s inventing a thing I don’t understand called a plug-in (?). here are mathematical calculations written on rolls ands rolls of toilet paper all over his studio and a madness in his eyes. I don’t expect to see him for a few days.

      • I am aware. Too true. At least performing live Metal they the audience won’t expect or tolerate ‘covers’. Metal is the only decent, original live music left – well just about. You have my support.

      • I tend to agree and thank you for supporting original music. There are lots out there who think covers are the way to go…at least for starting out but I think that’s an antiquated notion. Not sure how many people really care about cover bands, no matter how well it’s done, unless they are looking to break into the bar band or wedding band circuit, or unless they are a tribute band. We had a kid who wanted to join my son’s band come around…total metal head, great image but his pushy father was very insistent they do covers. Claimed that was all America’s Got Talent would accept…as if that’s even the avenue for metal bands!!! Apparently it was a deal breaker which is a shame because we thought the kid would have been great. Okay, rant over!

      • A point well made. A talent show may well earn is sizable short term income but it won’t satisfy the soul. I played lead guitar in a teenage metal band. Apart from the politics it was great. If could sing metal I’d have stayed with it. Shame is I can’t. The art of music/sound art depends on the skill set of the artist not the cheers from a crowd of morons who enjoy listening to some copy of someone else’s song. I truly wish your band every success. My rant over, and keep the faith.

  2. The Best Anti-hipster song I have ever heard. I am going to show this song to my girlfriend. She hates hipsters.
    Your husband and I have something in common. I hate hipsters. Love! love! this song.

    What did your neighbors downstairs say when you guys played this song? Did they get upset? or where they talking bad?

    • Oh gosh, you have a great memory! Funny thing…he actually moved out. He’s was way old and had to go into assisted living. Right before he left, he softened up and bit too…not sure if it was him reconciling with God now that he was on his last legs…or he had just gone barmy! Now there’s these three kind of jock guys living there but they are much nicer.

      • People do mellow, surprisingly. I’m glad nicer ones moved in (hopefully as interesting too) By the way, I found your long record of “The Cheesebergens Live at the Mint” and will listen to it on the way home.

  3. Love the fact you play the Hipster song with the hipsters living below you. I hope they’re singing along. The should be flattered that they’re the inspiration for a CheeseBergen song!!

  4. Micah (age 8) felt this one was just as good as the cheese song but would like to see the neighbors downstairs, even if faces are blocked. πŸ™‚
    My opinion is this one had some relatable lyrics, we all have to deal with health nuts and those who think they are “above others,” (despite living UNDER you! πŸ˜€ )
    Marissa, so far the two songs are fantastic! We are heading to your first song now! πŸ™‚

    • Love that you are having Micah review these..and love that he’s enjoying them. We want to come up with lyric videos, at the very least, and intersperse them with images and for this one would love to have images of the hipsters. Just don’t know how we would go about getting those images. We don’t exactly get along!

      • Maybe you will have to have friends who reenact their parts with the same types of clothing. . . My oldest daughter used to hang with a band who played gothic rock, it seemed very dark. . . I should someday publish a picture of her in the clothing. She would never find out anyway. πŸ™‚ They often made fun of the “preppies.”

  5. Too funny! Your son has a great heavy metal voice too, must run in the family. Loved the end, “Or maybe call an Uber and tell the man, β€œTake ’em back to Alaska or Douchebagistan.” Cracked up when you said this is loosely based on your neighbors and they can hear you practicing right above them. LOL! πŸ™‚

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