Theme From The CheeseBergens

It started when my mom had a middle aged crisis
Should have seen a shrink, left to her own devices
She was gonna rock n’ roll just like me
Now she’s embarrassing herself for all to see

We’re the
CheeseBergens coming to your town
In a broken down school bus
CheeseBergens coming to your town
And the Partridge family has nothing on us

I know you think my sister’s cute but oh guess what
Take my word for it, she’s a freakin’ nut
My dad is kind of cool but sometimes he’s a bummer
I guess that’s okay because he’s just the drummer


And me, I guess it’s kind of cool to play some music
Though it’s kind of a drag with the parental units
Still I’m gettin’ out and gettin’ all my kicks
Though it’s kind of impossible to pick up chicks

Hello and Happy New Year to you all! As a way to kick off the new year, our family band is launching a Three Songs In Three Days Campaign so prepare to be bombarded. Here is the first of three, and I believe I have not yet shared these lyrics with you so…added bonus! The song tells the story of how the wackiness all started…well, more or less…

47 thoughts on “Theme From The CheeseBergens

  1. Ha, omg, could this be any cooler?? LOVE! Any video available or just the audio? I predict a hit musical/comedy series is coming next to Fox Television. (Season 2, Episode 8 – Little Miss Menopause kidsnaps Young Marissa so she can insert herself into the family band and show them all what a midlife crisis really looks like. Fran Drescher guest stars.)

    • Ah, but who will Fran be playing? Me or you? Yes, it seems like some kind of TV show might be an ultimate goal for The CheeseBergens, and it seems like you have the plot! No video yet but we’re working on what we can do on a budget. Will post as soon as we figure it out!

  2. I like the way you all pitch in when you sing and each of you are so talented. It would be cool if some of these could get views and listens on YouTube. I was surprised to learn there are several people now discovered on that site. On the other hand, I would recommend giving anything for “free!”
    The line with the Partridges in it having nothing on you, is very true. 🙂 Plus, your son’s voice has great timing and lifting up higher notes. The wild guitar work is really noticeable in this song! Excellent and exciting. Good luck in your future! ❤

    • Thanks for you kind words! We do have a Youtube channel but so far have only one real video done and then another lyric video that came out kind of cool. We want to do more but the real videos are kind of expensive…well cheap really but still a few hundred dollars. We can do the lyric videos for free but like to have at least a couple of cute images to throw in. We just did a photo shoot yesterday so may do a lyric video for this one using those.

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