Rock From Behind the Scenes to Center Stage

I think on every music scene there is one person that everyone is going to meet sooner or later, and Bruce Duff happens to be that person. It probably all owes to the fact that he is not only in several bands but has also worked in just about every capacity possible behind the music scene as well. Interested? You can read more about Bruce here.


27 thoughts on “Rock From Behind the Scenes to Center Stage

  1. Marissa, I really liked the way you fully covered Bruce Duff! I think his life is fascinating, since he carried out all kinds of musical positions. I would have loved the journalism side of the music world, which YOU are doing now, like Bruce!
    The bands he performed in sound like a great selection and which one was the beginning roots of Quiet Riot?
    I think to comment, you have to join Disques. I have limited data left, even had to give up my email account! Ha ha! I pay my grandson to delete my photographs of family, nature and blog possibilities. Lol
    You amaze me totally, Marissa and am so proud to know you! (and call you my friend. <3)

    • Ha, ha! We are constantly trying to free up disc space too! The idea of you paying your grandson to it is very amusing. I’m glad you liked the article! Quiet Riot was just around playing in the early days when Bruce was around. Here in L.A., all the rock stars were around in the early days and you can still find them hanging around at places like The Rainbow today!

      • If I make it out there, I would love a tour of the classic bars and clubs! This would be so much fun to know someone who has musical knowledge and band experience! (You’re currently still using both!!) 🙂

  2. I imagine your younger readers wondering what leafing through the phone book feels like. Who does that anyways? (I still do sometimes) Even yellow pages and white pages are online now. I found it funny how he said about rock dead-ish and compared it with dtla. But to me rock n roll is still alive 💕

  3. What an interesting dude. Like the fact he just took his chances and had (and is still having!) a really cool life. There’s a lesson in there somewhere….!

  4. Nice, Marissa!! What a detailed account of this man! My head spun at all he has done in his life and still doing! My goodness!! You know the most incredible people and I for one am so darn proud of you for following your dream. I remember not long ago you bemoaning the fact you didn’t know if you could write as you are now doing for lack of people to write about. Hmmmm …. seems to me you are finding them or they you!! Beautiful write!!! ❤

  5. He is quite a versatile guy, for sure. It is truly amazing how talented and adaptive musicians are; I guess they have to be as gaining a monetary return in such a competitive field is so difficult, so they take on many things to make a living and still practice their art. I’ll bet the Sunset Strip was an incredible place to be in the 1980s.

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