Driving With My Blinker On Again

Driving in my car in the middle of the day
Hoping that I’m able to remember my way
I start and stop can’t recall is it left or right
So I pull the switch and there goes on my signal light


I’m driving with my blinker on again
You never know how this will end
Will I make a right or left or even turn you’ll never guess
I’m driving with my blinker on again

Well at one point I’m sure I did intend to turn
Now you’re asking me where my driving I did learn
Well I’m pretty sure it was the school for the crazy
Directionally challenged and curmudgeonly old ladies



You were getting pretty hopeful down on Ave B
But now that we’re on M you’ve nearly given up on me
That light is winking at you and it’s driving you insane
You’d try to get around me too bad it’s a single lane

Well it’s finally time to lose me at any cost
Might go mile out or you could end up getting lost
Try to turn right but suddenly out of the blue
I decide to make that right, right in front of you


Not as rock themed…but possibly another for the AOL!


64 thoughts on “Driving With My Blinker On Again

  1. I never trust people’s turn signals (or lack of them). 75% of the time, they seems to blink independently of what the driver intends to do. That increases to 95% for Senior citizens and anyone not tall enough to see over the dashboard. Well done. 🙂

  2. The reverse is worse! I recently drove for two weeks without a left turn signal. We replaced the fuse and the (wrong) lightbulb to no avail. It’s fixed now, but I got honked at and flipped off SO many times.

  3. I have many faults, but I can honestly say this isn’t one of them. Whew.
    Nor does it particularly bother me when someone is driving with their’s on … with one exception. My husband. I can’t stand being in the car and listening to the bleating of his blinker. Why can’t he hear it?!!

  4. Love it!! Indicator forgetfulness drives me mad. Although now I’m kinda hoping that you’ll be writing another ditty about middle lane drivers….

  5. I often get lost and unfortunately rely on people’s choices of giving me directions.
    I am what you nearly named “directionally impaired.” Now, that may sounds little inappropriate your way is much better, “directionally challenged!”

      • Kindred spirits who would laugh at each other and ourselves at the same time, Marissa. 😀
        I have been known to put my blinker on a whole half mile to one mile ahead of time! I know, this sounds crazy but twice in my life I got rear ended by people not noticing my signal!! My brother drives us around in Cleveland, since I make him go nuts by “driving like a Grandma!”
        Love you and hope your family has a fantastic and fun Thanksgiving! 🦃

  6. You obviously haven’t ever driven her in India. Indicators are ornamental, you turn when and where you want to turn; if you’re half decent, you shove your hand out of the window to point in the direction you want to, otherwise you just go ahead and do it! The incessant horns make up for the lack of indicators, though!
    Great piece, as we’ve come to expect from you, M!

    • Thanks Kunal! Actually, Los Angeles in probably not so different than India. I could probably write a whole other poem on those that don’t signal at all. It’s truly a guessing game whether those that have their signals on will turn and those who do not won’t !

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