Author Steven Blush: Saving Rock N’ Roll, One Book At A Time

My newest Geeks of Doom article is live. My old friend Steven Blush is a published author now. I think think what he’s doing is awesome. You can read about it here.


35 thoughts on “Author Steven Blush: Saving Rock N’ Roll, One Book At A Time

  1. His book about the lost rockers sounds really interesting. He has this f*** you attitude towards the mainstream and I like his looking out for the underdog. Glad he chatted with with you!

  2. Wow! Marissa, nice interview about Steve Blush! You never should worry or get insecure, you are memorable and a valuable writer, too.
    Not just musical history in his own experiences, but Blush covers all kinds of pieces of the “off the grid” rock scene. You and he have the Ramones and other hard rocker friends, in common. He certainly wrote a long list and that film sounds well received, too! Great post and article, Marissa.

  3. Marissa, I read this article slowly and with great thought this time. You really are a talented writer and I am just so proud that I know you through WP. Perhaps a book of your own is in there somewhere. 😉

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