To The Young, Dark Lord On His 14th Birthday

The fire’s burning bright
And the air is blowing cold
The robed one speaks in tongues
A vision to behold

He holds the knife above
And still the flames do smolder
And taps it on each side
Of the young one’s shoulder

The blood begins to pour
And so awash with sins
For midnight strikes the hour,
The ritual begins

The music beckons low
The chanting starts once more
For the young dark lord
Who now reaches ten and four

And so the door flies open,
And so the music ceases
For the dramatic entrance
Of she on high, the priestess

Mother of all evil
And of the chosen one
In haste she breaks the chalice
And kneels before her son

But he just rolls his eyes
Says “Don’t know why you make
Such a big freakin’ deal
Let’s just cut the stupid cake!”



Happy Birthday to my son Jesse Bergen!


And sorry for the shameless self promotion, but I see no better media attachment than that of our family band’s video for Mommy and Daddy Worship Satan. For those who didn’t see it yet, enjoy!

55 thoughts on “To The Young, Dark Lord On His 14th Birthday

  1. Haha, loved! Their B-days are ALWAYS about US. I insist on anniversary OR congrats cards given to me on their b-days, . i.e. “Congratulations Marissa on YOUR 14th anniversary of giving life!”
    Ps. This band promotion video one of my faves!

  2. I agree with Stephanie. I think our children’s birthdays should be all about us!! Brilliant idea!
    Congrats to both you and Jesse! I love both the photo and the self-promotion! 🙂

  3. I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday but how I laughed and SO enjoyed this today!!! How clever you are with words, Marissa. So, your son is now 14 years old. Oh my! A young man who is not impressed by his mom’s antics, I see. LOL Typical teenager, I’d say!!! Great one here!! Happy Birthday, Jesse!!! Your mom really is great, FYI ….. 🙂 ❤

  4. Super birthday ode to Rocker, Jesse Bergen.
    Happy belated 14th birthday!
    Hope Jesse had an awesome celebration!
    Like how you included the robed one, mother with a chalice and always midnight with blood makes a dramatic (satanic) party scene! 😀

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