I Broke My Hip In The Mosh Pit

I broke my hip in the mosh pit
I don’t remember that it ever was so rough
When was it that 13 year olds got so goddamn tough
I broke my hip in the mosh pit

I broke my hip in the mosh pit
I know they told me that I just should stay in back
But I could not resist and then something went crack
I broke my hip in the mosh pit

They lifted me above the crowd
To an ambulance I’m hurtling
But half the people thought that I
Was doing some crowd surfing

I broke my hip in the mosh pit
I didn’t know it would have been so damn ferocious
‘Specially with early onset osteoporosis
I broke my hip in the mosh pit

Another one for The Angsty Old Ladies!


68 thoughts on “I Broke My Hip In The Mosh Pit

      • Sorry, Marissa. I think this is just awful. No wonder I did not know what a mosh pit is. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. That’s just me, though. 🙂

      • Sorry if I traumatized you Amy! The truth is, I never liked mosh pits either. I mean, imagine, you’re just there to enjoy the show and all of a sudden you get pushed to the back because these testosterone filled a##holes need to beat each other up. The one I sent you is particularly violent…but still! I think the idea of a middle ages woman entering a mosh pit is funny but the reality is a whole other story.

      • Oh, Marissa, thank Heavens you feel as I do!! I was shocked to see such violence and the potential of being hurt is awful. Yeah, imagine just being there enjoying the show when that should happen. Shudder. Imagine gettting caught up in that horror. Dear Lord! The reality is shocking. Some people really are as you say a##holes!

  1. I sure don’t know what’s going on,……I posted a comment earlier and it isn’t showing up. This has been happening to me last couple of days…..very strange! Just wanted to say that I think those Angsty Old Ladies seem to have found their niche and I think they’re going to be a hit!

  2. You know how people relate songs as to being from their era and then years go by and the raucous youths on stage are replaced with middle aged men? Well, my youthful memories are of 80s hardcore shows with D.R.I., The Cro Mags, and Black Flag. So that means many a night in some nasty pits. Just being at those shows meant you had to have some involvement unless you stayed in the very back.

    The pits these days…kind of a wimp fest.

    But being a now middle aged guy I just try to watch the shows and enjoy it like the majority of the audience does. So no broken hips for me! I am still working on some way to get my Hoveround on the floor.

    • I saw Slayer at Knotfest and there was barely any pit. I figure it’s the fans getting older along with the bands. I was at many a hardcore and thrash metal show back in the day and always wished I could stay in the front without having to be afraid of being hit with a flying combat boot! Great to hear from you Steve!

      • No pit for Slayer!??!! What is this planet coming too!

        As for me, of course I had some Docs but I was a very contentious mosher so I mainly wore my Vision Street Wear shoes. More support and less stressful to the poor folks I stomped on. You have to be aware of others – even if you are smashing into them!

        By the way, I am going to read some more of your tales. I saw your family video for the band and was happy to see your hubby sporting a Napalm Death t-shirt. Your site has to have some entertaining stories!

        Have a groovy weekend!

      • Thanks and hope you enjoy! Nice to meet a fellow rocker and conscientious mosher around these parts. I’m all for the sneakers but fear your toes may have paid the price.

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