Botched Botox Blues

I thought that I was getting an
Injection near my mouth
I never did expect it when
It all just traveled south
And though my lips don’t pucker so
Who’s really gonna snicker
Because although my mouth may sag
My boobs are looking bigger


They say it ain’t malpractice
So I can’t really sue
Guess that I’ll just settle
For those botched botox blues

So next they told me that I’d need
Some filler near my eyes
I wear now an expression that’s
Of permanent surprise
My eyebrows look a bit like Spock
My smiles a bit spastic
But I guess that’s the price you pay
When your completely plastic



Hoping someone thought my son
Would look more like my brother
Instead it turns out that I look
More like Joan River’s mother

I’m shocked that they don’t cut me off
Cause it should be illegal
I’m sucked and plucked and overtucked
Can’t even feel the needle
I’ve bumps and lumps and red spots and
My wallets getting thin
And once it heals I have to do it
All over again


Thank you all for reading my articles but I think maybe some of you may be missing my poetry. I really haven’t been writing poems much but I have some song lyrics I’ll be publishing over the next few days. I’m thinking of starting a band with female musicians of a certain age called The Angsty Old Ladies. These are the lyrics to one of the songs. I’m actually not sure I’ll be able to get the band off the ground due to certain logistics problems, but it will sure be fun writing the lyrics.


77 thoughts on “Botched Botox Blues

  1. First of all those lyrics are hilarious, Marissa 😂 And second: What fantastic news!!! That sounds like so much fun! I wish you a great start with your ladies’ band! The name is just so cool!!!!

  2. You’re right, I had been missing your poems and was more bent out of shape about it than those lips in the photo. Hope the band comes together. If I got a old lady group together, I’d call it the Elastic Waist Band. 🙂

  3. I really have missed your verse, Marissa…..loved this and look forward to your upcoming lyrics anytime!!!! Why so I think your new band would be the American version of AbFab? Lol

  4. Oooooh – I really hope your new band idea gets wings. It sounds like a winner, especially when backed up by your great lyrics! 😀

    Whenever I get the urge to consider any kind of cosmetic surgery, fill, or sculpting, I’m going to refer myself back to this poem!

    • Thanks Joanne! I already wrote the first song and I really like it…so much in fact, that I want to keep it for CheeseBergens!! One of the many problems I’m facing!!

      As for cosmetic surgery, I’ve already pretty much decided against it. I think you’re a cosmetic surgery person…or you’re not!

  5. I once was going to a doc who pushed Botox and because of me saying no and other things I got kicked out. And I am glad! I will never be plastic! LOVED this poem, Marissa, and yes I too have missed your hysterical comedy. Best of luck with the band. Break a leg! 🙂 ❤

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