The Royal Family of Rock

My latest Geeks of Doom article published yesterday. It’s about another family rock band that’s actually playing The Troubadour with us tomorrow night (can I get a holla from my L.A. peeps?). You can read it here.


37 thoughts on “The Royal Family of Rock

  1. Great write-up on Stereo Love. It’s great to see that the rock n’ roll dream is still alive and not consumed by some corporate interest. Judd must beam with pride playing drums for his girls.

  2. Great piece. You make a kickin’ columnist, Marissa! What the heck, if Dad can’t find a band he wants to play with, he can train up his own. Just like the Cheesebergens. 🙂

    • Ha, ha! Just like The CheeseBergens… only it was kind of opposite for us because it was more to get the kids playing. After talking to them, I realize our lives are similar in a lot of ways regardless.

  3. That has got to be fun playing with his daughters and rocking out. Are you all going to have a jam session tomorrow night? Sort of like a family supergroup!

  4. Wow! There is a lot of power coming from them. I think when families are walking that music pathway together too that is an amazing bond they have. The girls are so cool! Awesome to have two family bands united at a concert. I wish you so much joy, fun, and success!!!

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