George Tabb, Punk OG Talks Books, Terrorism, and Rock N’ Roll

This week’s Geeks of Doom article is published. It’s a pretty juicy one. Read here and share your thoughts if you are so inclined.


43 thoughts on “George Tabb, Punk OG Talks Books, Terrorism, and Rock N’ Roll

  1. Oh, this is so tragic! I can’t believe that nobody took him serious. Most of all because so many suffered from the aftermath of those toxic fumes. But he is also such a fighter which he learned from childhood on. Great article, Marissa!

  2. Another interesting piece! It’s terrible how many people were effected by the toxic fumes of 9/11, and how long it took for people to convince others it was the cause of their respiratory issues. I love his quote about how your life has to go terribly wrong to want to perform punk. The price of angst!

  3. Oh wow, that is very sad that he ended up sick with respiratory problems from the fallout. It is even sadder that the government wants to sidestep those people by not giving any compensation. It is good that he has put his stories on paper and has persevered.

  4. Never thought about how stupid I am about the toxic fumes from the 9/11 attack. Thanks for illuminating! This is really juicy stuff! Keep up the fine work, Marissa!

  5. This was such an interesting read. A Jew with a sknihead following was interesting enough, then it truly did get juicy. I hope he gets that house with a big backyard, and I hope the government is forced to foot the bill. Poor guy.

  6. I’m glad this sickness hasn’t robbed him of his attitude and he is still active as can be. I hope the government steps up (more like wake up). Glad he had music to escape the b.s. that was going on in his early years. Deep article, Marissa..

  7. I’ve started three different comments and had to scrap them. I would read more about him. ANd I will read more by you. Your writing and his story go very well together. I like the other comments and can’t form anything intelligent to say. This just has so many feels to it….

  8. Wow what a life this person had. So many struggles yet he is still standing and fighting. A testament to his resilience that is to be admired !

  9. This was both humorous and tragic, Marissa. I feel bad for all those who had dirt, dust and pieces of 9/11 coming into their apartment, homes and offices. George sure did endure a large number of surgeries. I am glad he has Elena. The performance was a fantastic one, the long ending dueling sound, as well as riffs and clashing metallic sound was truly exciting to hear. Sorry the audience doesn’t sound large.
    I am always excited to hear of musicians writing books and his double publications being used in schools is a tribute to a life well lived, he may still finish that nursing home end of the road book. Funny how at 29 he was singing about that subject! Fascinating and unique writing by Marissa Bergen, too! 😉

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